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Surfing Jersey’s Summer: A Surfboard Buyer’s Guide || Opinion

It’s time to assault the beach. Winter has waned and Spring is (kinda) springing. While devoted wetsuit warriors are still charging cold swells on the Atlantic, the water and weather are slowly starting to warm. Soon surfers will molt their outer layer of neoprene in response to rising water temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, surf season in NJ usually runs from September to March; the biggest swells pulse through during these months. As the summer season arrives, board riders naturally have to change the surf craft under their feet.

Cold War Surf Contest Postponed

Local Cold War Surf Contest Postponed

The Cold War surf contest, a team-based surfing battle, was recently set to run in Asbury Park before the end of March 2017. However, according to the event organizers said, “after much discussion with the surfers, sponsors and organizers, it has been decided that it is in the best interest of the event, to push back the 2017 Cold War to late fall/early winter of 2017.”

Beach Conservation

Leave Our Beaches Alone

At Monmouth University and within the surrounding community, we have a responsibility towards something much bigger than ourselves. Living where we do in New Jersey, we have an obligation to protect the ocean and the local beaches that surround us. When summer ends and tourists leave, the local community members must stand up for the rights and protection of our beloved beaches.


MU Surf Refines Competition

Competition. It is a term that follows most, if not all activities. Competition is a way to understand who is the best. The Broncos won the Super Bowl and are regarded as the best team in football. The same can be said for the Golden State Warriors after their championship run last year. However, asking who is the “best” surfer will not offer the same clear-cut answer.

MU Surf Club Spring Break
Club & Greek

Monmouth Surf Club Spends Spring Break Overseas

Spring break, time to leave.  Anywhere away from home.  It’s odd; no other time of year seems better fit for travel than March. Why deal with the half-spring/half-winter mode? Who needs the soggy ground and fluctuating temperatures that New Jersey provides during this month? There are nooks to be explored and crannies to be exploited.I suppose going overseas to party at a resort youwill never remember does count, although the travel being referenced here is more meaningful—a right of passage for many is the surf trip.