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Monmouth Surf Club Spends Spring Break Overseas

Spring break, time to leave.  Anywhere away from home.  It’s odd; no other time of year seems better fit for travel than March. Why deal with the half-spring/half-winter mode? Who needs the soggy ground and fluctuating temperatures that New Jersey provides during this month? There are nooks to be explored and crannies to be exploited.I suppose going overseas to party at a resort youwill never remember does count, although the travel being referenced here is more meaningful—a right of passage for many is the surf trip.

Since the dawn of time, surfers have searched for a perfect wave. Something about consolidating your life and throwing it into a board bag has a titillating allure. Who needs expensive hotels, five-star food or even deodorant for that matter? The boys of Monmouth Surf sure don’t. Their destination for this past spring break was none other than the surfing paradise of Puerto Rico.

Talk of travel to the Carribean Island started a few weeks into Monmouth’s spring semester, thoughts of exotic women and golden Medalla replaced those of upcoming midterms.But more importantly, the guys sought after scoring a perfect Puerto Rican wave.

Freshman business student Matt Kelly and sophomore business student Paul Kelly were stationed in a town called Isabella during their break. “My best session was probably the last day of my trip. Right in front of my house that I was staying at had eight to 10 foot [waves] and [it was] perfect. Water was 80, air was 80 and it was just me and my friends for most of the time,” said Kelly.

Further south it was more of the same. Myself, John Johnson and Zach Bogetti found refuge in the town of Rincon.

“My best session had to be on Friday, the day after Ryan left. I wish he was out charging with us but the waves were two to three feet overhead and barreling. It was incredible to witness the power and beauty of the wave,” said sophomore business student Johnson.

With five Monmouth students in a foreign land all at once, the spring break vacation felt almost similar to ateamsurf trip that professional or competing surfers would embark on. Monmouth surfers were able to draw comparisons between this seemingly innocuous trip and the long-standing Surf Club dream to travel and compete together.  “We really want to compete. We want to show that we surf just as well as other schools around the country and wanna get some recognition for it,” said Paul Kelly.

With more talk of ateamaspect to the Surf Club, the club’s goals are now gaining some foothold. Surf Club advisor Matthew Harmon said that, “The club’s executive board has discussed this concept with the University and I believe the club has received great feedback about trying make surfing a club sport. That certainly helps and is a huge step in accomplishing this goal.”

Harmon also went on to say, “We have a growing membership, students who are passionate about getting this off the ground, local businesses that want to be involved in helping, and support from the University which is crucial. Lots still has to be planned on and worked at but we will get there.”

Work hard, get to class, maybe get a job, make some money but always surf the hell out of whatever you can, whenever you can. Do right and right will be done to you. Maybe you never found the absoluteperfectwave, but experiences gained from trips with great friends last forever.

Keep doing so and you will probably find the perfect wave. That’s the attitude MU Surf brings when setting goals and it translates nicely into life as well.

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth Surf Club