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Surf Club Keeps A Close Eye On Hurricane Joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin is tracking.  Rain, gale force gusts, and even flooding in some areas of New Jersey thus far.  Natives of Monmouth and Ocean County have been warned.  Could Joaquin be Sandy’s pissed off little brother?  While some are panicking, surfers are frothing.  New Jersey has seen more than two weeks of consistent swell and for our small state that is unheard of.  Swell means rideable waves, correct?  Not quite.  Out of the two week long swell period, I can count on one hand how many surf sessions were not brutalized by the strong northeast winds. Wind and waves, both must agree with each other.

Club & Greek

Summer of the Foamie

As the Surf Club sat on the beach after the first day of class, we were all upset that summer was over. We reminisced about summer waves and bonded over the fact that that waves were flat.  ‘Twas the summer of the foamie!  No matter the size of wave, surfers frothing for a ride reached a big, buoyant foam surfboard. Colors galore, some were called Doyle, others Gnaraloo. One needn’t care the name; a nine-footer would do. Kooky?  Maybe a bit, but who doesn’t love a nice foamie session?

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Sharknado: The Real Deal

Trends reoccur and history repeats itself. Have you heard that before? Sure you have. The fact of the matter is that Kelly Slater will surely win another world title and the fish tail will never die. So why do we ignore history? If something has happened before, is it not bound to happen once again?

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Surfers Travel More Than Just Currents

The last week of the fall semester, students at MU ignored the onset of cold, while thoughts of finals consumed them. As break began, a harsh reality sank in: winter in this state can get to you. Bitter cold, and when the waves are flat, surfers begin to go stir crazy.  For most students, a month reprieved from school means long Netflix sessions, clocking a few hours at an old job, or reconnecting with high school friends.  For the few lucky surfers, winter break is not characterized by icy water and a five-millimeter wetsuit, but rather white, hot sand and bright board shorts.