Surf Club Introduced to University Campus

The University has recently recognized a new club on campus — Surf Club.  On Wednesday, Nov. 5, Monmouth’s SGA approved the club after one final presentation given by Surf Club President, sophomore Tyler Sankey and Surf Club Vice President, sophomore Connor Perzely.

MU’s location on the Jersey shore makes it a destination school for many surfers and beach people across the United States. Jersey surfers especially flock to MU’s campus as they begin their college search. As a result, the community of surfers at the University is on the rise.

Many people may think that this would be a seasonal club, but that thought hasn’t crossed the minds of anyone involved. The club is scheduled to get rolling as soon as possible.

“Our first point of action as a club will be a beach clean-up next week. Anyone who is interested in helping out and joining is more than welcome,” said Sankey, when asked about the first course of action for the new Surf Club.

The club plans on making sure anyone who is interested can get involved.

“Basically anyone with an interest in surfing can join. We will hold meetings, surf sessions, and beach clean-ups.” Sankey continued. “For the future, I really want a core group of people who share the same passion as we do to be able to come together and use our skills. Whether it be surfing, photography, media, anything is good.”

So it is apparent that while Surf Club will be about surfing, the guys in charge want as many people involved as possible.

A clear example of the diversity in the club comes straight from the people in charge, from a president who is an avid surfer to a vice president who bodyboards.

“I bodyboard.  I love the beach and the ocean, which is all that counts. Surfer or bodyboarder, I’ll be out riding with them regardless so it doesn’t really matter much to me,” Perzely said.

The news of Surf Club’s approval spread quickly and soon, everyone joined in on the excitement.

“When I heard the Surf Club got approved I was so happy. We have a good group of guys here to get this thing rolling, I really think we can make something big out of this opportunity,” said freshman Paul Kelly.

While the guys were quite stoked with the approval, everyone knew that the work they had been putting into the club could not stop.

“Expect big things in the future. The entire SGA had to approve it, and they did. I think they really liked us. We are a club right now but our goal in the future is to become a team and compete against colleges all along the east coast.” said Sankey.

The possibilities for a club like this are endless, and this is just the beginning for Surf Club. For the club to get where it wants to be, those in charge are looking at other schools who have surfing programs as well.

According to Transworld Surf, Monmouth University is number eight on its top ten list of surfing colleges in America. Many of the colleges on the list have either a prime location for surfing, a surf team, or both.

The Surf Club would like to be able to join the ranks of other schools on the east coast like University of North Carolina in Wilmington, NC or Salve Regina University in Newport, RI.

The guys that make up the club so far are young, ambitious and totally love to rip. They draw inspiration from the rich NJ surf culture around them and are taking strides to blow Surf Club into the stratosphere.

“We are going to hang up flyers around campus. We live 2 minutes from the beach, why don’t we already have a surf club or a surf team? Who knows what’s in store for us?  We’re going to go big! Go big or go home!” said Sankey.

The club’s reach is small as of now but the guys are working to expand it. If you are interested, contact Sankey or Perzely. Surf Club members heavily urge all those that froth to join a movement that will make the University a destination school for all surfers.