Surf Club Dives in on Unexpected Session

SurfSurf is fast. Swell can pop up or die down in hours, while catching waves requires a quick reaction. Although this is the nature of surfing, a surfer’s best quality is not his or her speed, but an awareness to respond to what is in front of them.

In front of us was potential.  The forecast did not call for ideal conditions, but the surf said otherwise.

Some will say that winter weather is too harsh and that getting out there is unnecessary unless it is firing overhead. However, I thank those surfers, for my friends and I had the entire beach to ourselves during this unexpected session.

On Saturday afternoon, the Monmouth Surf Club boys were out and about. The cruel, white brick walls of New Hall forced bored surfers to the beach. Usually, random beach trips end as just that, a beach trip. However, this time Ty was stoked about more than just his Snapchat story.

“Yo, it’s like kind of good right now,” said Tyler Sankey as he sent his last selfie of the day.

It did not take much more than that to get us out there.  We knew the drill. It was back to campus, rubber up, and get out before the sun went down.  

We did just that. As our crew tossed gear in the back of Connor Perzely’s car it began to snow. 

At first a few sprinkles, but worsened, as we grew closer to the beach.

People honked while we dodged rush hour traffic on Ocean Boulevard to get to the beach. Once we got another look at the surf, no amount of snow or traffic could keep us away. The tide was dropping, the swell seemed to be building and it was ours for the taking. A cacophony of gull songs and our shrieks filled the windy, winter air as we plunged into the ocean. 

The sea yielded perfect, peaky waves that filled our hearts with joy and our suits with cold saltwater.

“It was just fun overall with some nice clean rights,” said sophomore Connor Perzely. “You could just sit on it for a while and every wave took me all the way down the beach for a great ride.”

In on the fun as well was senior Kyle Latch. “This one we were not even expecting to surf and found a fun peak to ourselves; glassy with snow showers,” Latch said.

Days like this past Saturday are some that we will never forget.  Not because the waves were huge and not because the conditions were perfect, for neither was the case. Days like this will be remembered because there weren’t any cameras on the beach; there wasn’t any hype prior to the session, just friends who truly love what they are doing together.

To a surfer’s dismay, these sessions are sometimes few and far between. While there is always an excuse, whether it is pertinent or not, sometimes it is better to overlook them. 

It is easy to say you are tired, easy to say you are cold, really easy to not feel like going, but it is not easy to truly enjoy what you are doing in life. 

Take a break from the monotony. Go out, and do something you are passionate about because who knows when you will ever have a day like today. 

For surfers, keep an eye out. Mother Nature and NJ breaks have quite a favorable relationship this winter and not much is expected to change. This week’s chance for the best surf will be today.

Who cares, get out there. 

PHOTO TAKEN by Ryan Gallagher