MU Surfers Hit Florida Over Break

surfingSpring has sprung here in the Garden State.  Yes, the greens are greener, the sun is sunnier and the snow is just as cold…  While most of our friends at Monmouth University ushered in the new season with an unwelcomed snowstorm, the lucky ones headed south in search of board short weather. 

“Spring break led us to Florida, where we met up with the boys from Jersey who spend their time studying at Flagler college,” said freshman Andrew Moon as he recapped his journey. “We got super lucky and had a long period swell come through while we were there which allowed us to enjoy warm water accompanied by waves.”

Moon travelled with a close friend and fellow Monmouth surfer, sophomore Tyler Sankey, who was just as excited about their experience.

“We surfed, hung out on the beach, and surfed some more.  Overall good vibes, and good food there too, it was pretty cool seeing that part of Florida for the first time,” said Sankey.  

Despite leaving home for spring break, Jersey kept on doing its thing. While Moon and Sankey enjoyed themselves in the sun, freshman Paul Kelly reaped the rewards of the final winter swells of the year.

“Luckily enough I found [some waves], and surfed all day with my brother and a few of my friends. For me it was easily the best swell of the year, it was so good at home, I still can’t get over it,” said Kelly.

The stories continue and school starts back up for the final stretch of spring semester .

So what? It was a good spring break for those that travelled; it was good for those that stayed home in NJ, but what’s next?

Jersey did not take long to answer. Swell reappeared, just as we all did for class on Monday morning (maybe not all of us). Friday yielded big barrels and proved to be a multiple session day for most of us. 

It seemed like no matter where we all went, a good story would follow. Barrels here, barrels there, it did not matter; a feel-good spring day that felt like winter. Swell stuck around and who knew that on Sunday it would be time for yet another spring session. Those who came at the right time received nothing but smiles. Surfers beaming going in and coming out of the water, it was that fun. Not a worry in the world, just stoked, talking and chirping back and forth as they changed out of the rubber and into a warm pair of sweatpants. 

Seasons have changed but most is the same. Surfing when the weather is good, travelling at any point that we can, and making life interesting for the times in between.

PHOTO COURTESY of Ryan Gallagher