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Get Happy Together with Harry Styles

default article imageThe brand-new CBS sitcom, Happy Together produced by Ben Winston and Harry Styles premiered Oct. 1.

The show is inspired by a part pop singer Harry Styles’ life.

Like any other One Direction fan, I was ecstatic to find out that Styles was getting involved in television.

After taking a break, the five guys of One Direction decided to try solo work and different career paths.

Styles was between ending a sold-out international tour with his best friends and beginning an acting career in which he portrayed a British soldier in the 2017 Christopher Nolan war thriller, Dunkirk.

During this time, Styles ended up living in the attic of where The Late Late Show with James Corden is taped, which was co-executive producer, Ben Winston and his wife, Meredith’s house.

Winston also produced the 2013 documentary One Direction: This Is Us, where he met the boy-bander.

The new sitcom stars Damon Wayans Jr., Amber Stevens West, and a new face to the screen, Australian actor, Felix Mallard.

Wayans plays the Ben Winston inspired character, Jake Davis, a goofy accountant in the entertainment industry.

Stevens portrays the character inspired by Winston’s wife, Claire Davis, who is a restaurant and bar designer who shares the same humor and interests as her husband.

Last but not least, Felix Mallard, plays the up and coming international pop star, Cooper James, inspired by Harry Styles.

During the first episode, Cooper shows up to the front door of his accountant, Jake and his wife, Claire. Jake is trying to escape the spotlight after his very public breakup with his movie star girlfriend, played by former Disney star, Peyton List.

It’s a whirlwind of fun until Jake and Claire second guess him staying with them thinking that they’re too “uncool.”

The sitcom is full of corny jokes and sore punchlines, yet appears to be played off extremely well by the cast.

The script even pokes fun at Styles’ often feminine choice of clothing when Cooper thanks Jake for letting him take from his closet, but it turns out he went in Claire’s closet (he pulled off the look anyway).

The season continued with it’s edgy laugh out loud humor following the ordinary lives of the young, happily married couple and their new pop star roommate, as well as introducing new characters such as Jake’s hysterical parents.

I was excited to see how the writers were going to create the characters.

Happy Together is a refreshing and light-hearted sitcom. Others suggested that the premise of the show could become stale, but if the cast continues to deliver humor so easily, it can stay.

As a Harry Styles fan, I’m excited to watch the rest of the season and hoping for a pickup of a second.

It’s fascinating to get somewhat of a look into those 20 months that Styles spent living with the Winston’s. The fact that he lived with them for that period of time and never got out to the public is incredible.

I’m hoping the co-producers reveal which scenes are true and what the inspired scenes were inspired by.

Hopefully as the season goes on, the network will pick it up for a second and the 20 months that Styles spent with Winston will turn into years for Cooper, Jake, and Claire.

The fresh sitcom earned a 1.0 rating with 5.9 million viewers following The Neighborhood who had a 1.3 rating with 8.1 million viewers.

The show even gained support from Styles’ fellow One Direction bandmate, Niall Horan with him tweeting, “This is brilliant. ”

Winston is also producing The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS.

As for Styles, he is writing his second solo album, starring in Gucci’s latest campaign, and co-chairing the upcoming 2019 MET Gala alongside Lady Gaga and Serena Williams.

The two seem to have a bright future ahead of them with the brand-new sitcom.

 Happy Together airs every Monday at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

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