Book Review: Bending the Universe

Book ReviewYou know a good book when it takes you a moment to realize your fingertips are laced around the edges of the page, your mind is gripping on to every word that dances on your lips, and the meaning of those words resonate with your life, whether it is your past, present, or future. 

Beautiful and brutally honest poetry has that effect on readers, and Bending the Universe by Alaskan artist Justin Wetch captured that ideology tremendously. Wetch is an idealist disguised as a pessimist through his writing. He published this book at 19, while he was a freshman at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

This international bestseller is a collection of 100 original pieces, broken up into five different sections; Society, Love, Life, Personal, and Nature. The handful of these uncover the true, raw morality of multiple aspects of life. The common thread running through his writing is thoroughness and perspective. Bending the Universe explores a range of topics, ranging from diversity to body image; from politics to love and heartbreak. 

Wetch does a remarkable job at portraying his opinion in this book. Not in a way that is overwhelming, but in a convincing manner that allows readers to second guess their view point on specific topics in life. Wetch’s book has the ability to alter how one perceives life, both personally and from a global, outsider viewpoint. It has the power to alter one’s mindset, opinions, or personality. It makes us, the ones that are reading, face some of the realities we refuse to face on our own.

 Bending the Universe does not just aim to speak about Wetch’s adventures in life and personal emotions; it also encourages others to grab a hold of their voice and allow it to be heard. He yearns to have his readers stand up for causes that are right and for what they, as people, believe in, and to not be held back by entities that attempt to silence them. This book examines the mistakes in the world, and leaves room for possible and reachable change.

The cover of Bending the Universe speaks for itself. The colorful imagery paints an image as to what lies in the pages underneath. The poems are intense and honest, igniting some feelings and senses you never knew you were once capable of. The fire in his words is electrifying. 

Wetch has a way of taking some difficult-to-discuss topics and releasing them onto the page in a well-constructed and warm manner. Now, by no means am I saying he beats around the bush, but the intended points are made evident, yet personal. That is what I enjoyed most about this poetry, and something that stuck with me.

Sometimes, it is easier to pick up a book and have someone speak to you, rather than call someone to dish out your worries or feelings. Wetch allows you to feel like he is right beside you as you read and feel the way you do. What is nice about this one is that there is no start. More importantly, though, there is no end. Bending the Universe was created to be flipped through, finding sections and themes to feel and read when necessary. 

In “Society,” Wetch dives into the problems our society currently faces—racism, inequality, sexism, gender roles, misconceptions; the list goes on. He touches upon politics, but is not too controversial. “Welcome to America” is an outstanding piece that largely reflects the current events happening around us. 

In “Love” and “Life,” he acknowledges the inner difficulties with pursuing relationships and going after goals and decisions. “Personal” was a generous section for Wetch to provide. He allows the reader to question their own space and the world around them, but he equally shares the same about himself. Ultimately, nature allows an entirely new perspective to the brilliance of the outside world that I once was ignorant to.

Wetch’s outstanding talent, which is nothing short of breathtaking, shines through in this book. Bending the Universe will sing to you, resonate with you, and alter your mindset. 

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