Travel Bucket List

Whether it be taking a day trip to Pennsylvania, going on a week vacation to Florida, or even an overnight stay at Atlantic City, traveling is a passion for many people. I always love recommending new travel destinations to friends and family, but am also always looking for new places to visit. There are a few places I feel everyone should travel to at least once in their lifetimes. 

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A Guide to Summer Must-Reads

The snow is finally melted, the UGG boots and winter coats are put away, and the sun is out to play! Now that the weather has finally changed and it is nice outside, put down that television remote, pick up a book, and go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Not sure on what to read? Check out one of these 2015 “must-read” books.

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New Series ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Triumphs on SPIKE

The mic is off, but the battle is on in the all-new series Lip Sync Battle, which debuted on SPIKE on Thursday, April 2nd. Grab that bowl of popcorn, a close friend, and get ready to laugh until you cry because Lip Sync Battle is a show you don’t want to miss! The lip sync battle skit from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is already a huge sensation, but now SPIKE is taking it to the next level.