Social Media? More Like Anti-Social Media For This Generation

Now I admit it, I am on my iPhone just as much as everyone else; I check Facebook almost every hour, I am constantly updating photos to my Instagram account, and I am always checking Twitter to see what my favorite celebrities are up to, but how much is this really helping my social skills? Sure, it is called social media for a reason. It helps you keep in touch with your family, friends, celebrity icons, and even your favorite department stores and brands, but what many people don’t think about, is how social media is ruining our generation.


Frozen Yogurt Has Taken Over East Coast Taste Buds

Though the summer days are long past us, one may still find themselves with a serious sweet tooth for a frozen treat. Luckily, this can be satisfied as there has been a recent trend of self-serve frozen yogurt bars popping up around New Jersey, especially the Monmouth area. Most frozen yogurt bars have a variety of flavors, along with quite a selection of toppings. Some flavors can be plain like vanilla or strawberry, or daring like cookies and cream or peanut butter.