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In“green”dients to Incorporate into St. Patrick’s Day Dishes

Even if you are not Irish, you most likely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to either drink a lot of beer or munch on a ton of different green foods. Holidays don’t always have to be unhealthy though. There are a ton of foods out there that can be festive as well as healthy. This year, celebrate St. Patty’s Day by impressing your friends and family by whipping up some dishes that contain healthy green ingredients. According to Self Nutrition Data, the following green foods contain vitamins and nutrients that you can  make use of this Irish holiday.


Try These: Alternatives to Drinking Coffee and Staying Awake in Class

We have each had to pull all-nighters, cramming for that exam the next day, or writing a paper that was due in the morning, but then we suffer by trying to stay awake in class. Many of us resort to coffee. Americans’ dependence on caffeine to get through the morning has become almost a joke. Instagram and Facebook blow up with constant photos of people holding their Starbucks cup, and Twitter’s trending hashtags almost always consist of “#coffeeaddict,” but we all know coffee isn’t the greatest thing to consume, so what do we do? 


Disney Princesses Prove Valid Life Lessons

Glass slippers, fairy godmothers, magic carpets, finding true love, and of course, happy endings are what fairy tales are all about, but is this the only element of Disney movies? Many see Disney films as “just a fairy tale” and “impossible” but what if there is a deeper meaning to Disney princess stories? What if Disney princesses  inspire those watching them? 


Reality Television Series: Don’t Think Too Much Into Them

Reality shows are considered lazy, thoughtless TV and are usually filled with a bunch of ordinary people with no special talents. Even if you don’t watch reality shows, or want to admit you watch, everyone knows what each of them are about and what type of impact they are putting on today’s society, but is that impact really as bad as we think? Does this so-called “true TV” send positive messages to their audience, or do they influence viewers to follow in their footsteps?


Holiday Lights Show Returns to PNC

North Faces, gingerbread lattes and holiday music on 106.7 FM can only mean one thing: it’s the most wonderful time of the year and we should all be getting into the holiday spirit. Everyone loves to drive around and look at holiday lights at least one night out of the season, and there is no better place to do this than The Holiday Light Spectacular at PNC Bank Arts Center.