Different Ways to ‘Spring’ into Easter Celebrations

Coloring Easter eggs, jellybeans, Peeps, chocolate bunnies. It only means one thing. Easter Sunday is around the corner. Everyone has his or her family traditions, but why not change it up? There are tons of different ways you and your loved ones can celebrate this Easter Sunday. Try one of these ways to switch things up holiday season. 

#1. Celebrate with your family, not with the candy. Families, especially those with little kids, tend to get caught up in the traditional Easter egg hunts and the Easter baskets, but it is not all about the candy. 

Rebecca Zidik, a senior communication student, said, “In my family we used to celebrate Easter and when I was younger I would be in charge of a big Easter egg hunt. As I got older we moved away from the egg hunt unfortunately because my mom thinks its ‘bad’ that we don’t actually practice a religion. So instead of Easter, we celebrate springtime with the same Easter candy bunnies, baskets, eggs, etc. basically we “celebrate Easter” but we call it ‘Springtime celebration.’”

Juliann Fiorentino, a junior studying communication, said, “My family and I, every year, go to the Point Pleasant boardwalk to have lunch at the Snack Bar and play all the games in the arcade. It’s sort of a tradition.” 

Easter is a day to spend with the family. It is a holiday where you and your loved ones can finally push the stress aside and enjoy being with one another. 

Kevin Moedt, a junior studying communication, said, “My family and I spend Easter at my aunt’s house, just quality time with family. My nephew spends the day hiding Easter eggs for his sister. He likes the hiding part more than the finding part!” Family is the most important thing and Easter is the perfect holiday for families to enjoy quality time together.

#2. Start your spring-cleaning. Why not get a jump-start and begin to clean out the house? The weather is changing and the snow is finally starting to melt. It is the perfect time to get started on cleaning out the house. Start going through old documents, or piled up junk in the kitchen, or even clothes that don’t fit anymore. Start cleaning out the house and make room for all the new things that will be bought this year. 

#3. Give a new life. Planting flowers, trees, vegetables, and even fruits are a great ways to keep the Earth alive and healthy. Not only will it benefit the world, but it’ll benefit you. 

Dr. Kenneth Campbell, a history and anthropology professor, discussed the background of Easter and how it ties into planting new trees and flowers. Dr. Campbell said, “Just as the resurrection of Jesus symbolized the beginning and hope of a new life for Christians, so the coming of spring speaks as well to the renewal and celebration of life, welcoming the blossoming of spring back from the death of winter. This would tie into the planting of trees and flowers, and in earlier times, with the planting of the year’s crops.” 

So why not gather a group of friends, or your family, and go out and start planting. It’ll be a great way to get some fresh air and spend some bonding time with your loved ones. 

#4. Commit to personal changes. Once Lent is over, people tend to immediately go back to their bad habits. Why don’t you try and make a permanent change rather than a temporary one? Even something as small as giving up soda or candy can benefit you in the long run and make you a better, healthier person. 

#5. Have a big, family brunch. Like I said before, celebrate this holiday with your family and why not spend it with them by eating? Gather the family together in the kitchen and get cooking. Have each family member assigned to a different task, and not only will you be cooking brunch, but you will all be able to spend time together. You can catch up on things, share a few laughs, and cook up a perfect Sunday family brunch. 

#6. Go to church.  This one is pretty traditional, but there is nothing wrong with that! Lauren DeSantis, a senior business management major, said, “My family and I go to church every Easter Sunday, but before church, we usually cook breakfast together at home.” Even with a traditional celebration, you can make your own unique traditions as a family, even if it’s as simple as cooking breakfast together. 

So if you have your Easter Sunday traditions with your family, why not try and change it up this year? Start a new tradition, and remember what is most important. Happy Easter everyone!