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Wiz Khalifa Raps Away the Summer Heat

default article imageWhile this summer was hot, the MAC had its own heat wave as rappers Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and Chevy Woods generated some sizzling beats to a sold-out crowd. 

According to Jon Vena, Marketing Director of AEG Live NJ, 4,000 plus people showed up to the event.

From what Vena saw, he said that the crowd’s overall reaction was “very positive and fanatic.  People loved the show.”

One of those people was Alissa Catalano, an orientation leader at the University and a fan of Wiz, who was also seeing him perform live for the first time. 

She said that the concert “was quite the experience, something I had never really experienced before.”  She also said that seeing the MAC packed with people was a site to see and made the concert better.

Catalano described that the crowd was compiled of a variety of people, “from age 16 to college kids.  Everyone was hyped and having a good time.”

At the concert, Wiz sang a number of songs including “Taylor Gang,” “Roll Up,” and “Black and Yellow,” one of his biggest hits.  Catalano said, “I enjoyed these songs because those were the ones I was familiar with.”

He appeared on stage in a fog of blue light where he walked up to a platform and keep the momentum of the show rolling further. 

Being the headliner for this concert, Wiz controlled the stage either through slow walks or dancing to match his raps.

However, when Wiz was not rapping to the packed house, he enjoyed goofing around with the audience.  “At one point, they were shooting water guns into the crowd.  It was a lot of fun,” Catalano said.

Beyond the headliner act, opening acts Big Sean and Chevy Woods were also cheered by the MAC audience.  Big Sean sang songs such as “Too Fake” to the crowd as he stood on the stage, strongly reciting the lyrics as fans sang along.  Standing in front of the crowd, he had a natural stage presence that came across when bellowing out his lyrics.

Meanwhile, Chevy Woods moved smoothly across the stage as he performed his set for the crowd.  He allowed the rhythms to get his groove in motion and make his songs come alive.

However, in a live show, anything can happen including the appearance of a special guest.  For that night’s performance, the crowd was treated to the styling of Mac Miller. 

Vena said that since Starland Ballroom sold out of tickets to Miller’s October 1 concert, “it was a celebration of sorts for him.”

Catalano said that she was also familiar with a few of Miller’s songs and added to her the show’ made the event better.

While performing, “Best Day Ever,” Miller began quietly only to let the sound explode as he started jumping up and down, keeping one hand on the microphone and the other moving to the beat.  Naturally, the crowd followed by moving their hands to the music as he started to get into gear.

Throughout each of the performances, a different DJ near the back of the stage played deep beats that would balance out with the rappers’ songs.  It was the musical equivalent of a pilot working with air traffic control.

Helping to describe why this event was such a hit, Vena said, “Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean are two of rap’s biggest stars right now, so it was a case of catching them at the right opportunity.” 

He continued to say that other concerts on this tour have also been generated sold out shows.

While big crowds can sometimes cause incidents, Chief William McElrath of the University police, said there were no big issues such as arrests (and neither at the All Time Low concert the following evening). 

However, he did say that for either concert, “any ‘incidents’ were medical issues ranging from excessive drinking to minor injuries related to crowd surfing.”

When it comes to wondering if Wiz would return to the MAC, Vena said that it is not improbable as such performers can still generate excited and sell tickets.  “Any artist is possible for the MAC,” he said.

Whether or not everyone who attended this concert comes back, at least Catalano is ready to relive this excitement. 

Having enjoyed this concert, she said she would return for another chance to hear Wiz and his fellow rappers perform again.

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