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Tips for First-Year Students

Tips First YearAt just eighteen years old, we are thrown into the world of college. We graduate from lockers to dorm rooms, school cafeterias to dining halls (and Dunkin’ Donuts on campus), and pre-determined class periods to self-made schedules. The biggest change of all is that students control their fate for their four years at Monmouth University.

There is a great amount of adaptation and responsibility that comes with college. However, there is an even greater support system made up of upperclassmen and professors.

Monmouth University’s Support Services helps ensure that each freshman has a smooth transition into their first year of college.

With that being said, here are a few tips to help freshman feel at ease throughout their first year at Monmouth.

Making friends is not easy for everyone; especially in college where there is a wide variety of people. Joining a club is a great way to make friends because it brings together students with common interests.

The annual involvement fair will be taking place on Friday, Sept. 13 from 5-7 p.m. on Shadow Lawn in front of Wilson Hall. Each club, sport, and activity on campus will be representing themselves and recruiting new members at tables where they will have giveaways such as pens, water bottles, and snacks.

Frank Fury, Ph.D., Director of Writing Services, Department of English Advising Coordinator, and a Lecturer of English, encourages students to get involved on campus. He said, “Involvement often helps the student feel more ‘at home’ in a new environment.” The fair is a great opportunity to narrow down the clubs that appeal to oneself while also having a fun night out of the dorm room.

Most college students love two things—free stuff and events on campus. The Shadow Program is a fun combination of the two. Once you have attended an event in each of the six categories—Service and Leadership, Hawk Pride, Academics, Diversity, Organizations and Involvement, and Wellness—you can claim your free Monmouth University Shadow Program sweatshirt. You will also become eligible to win other fun prizes through raffles.

Nick Grant, Coordinator of Transitions and Leadership Programs, wants students to explore their passions and interests. He said, “The Shadow Program is a great way to find out what is going on and what you might be interested in”. Stop by the Office of Transition and Leadership on the second level of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center (RSSC) to pick up a pamphlet of all the events!

There are so many different services available to students on campus. From academic to psychological to everything in between, Monmouth is a family and there is always someone who is there to talk to you or help you through a problem. For instance, the First Year Advising office helps freshmen figure out their academic schedules.

One of the most important support systems on campus is the Writing Services Center located in the basement of the RSSC. Here, students can have their essays reviewed by experienced student writers. This is an amazing free service that first-year students should definitely take advantage of.

Every student takes a First Year Seminar class their first semester, which is designed to be a non-demanding course that incorporates presenting, essay-writing and getting involved. Additionally, each class has a Peer Learning Assistant (PLA) who serves as a mentor for the first-year students.

Karalyn Hoover, a senior communication student with a focus in public relations and journalism, has been a Peer Learning Assistant for three years. She encourages people to “reach out to their PLA with any questions that they may have to make an instant connection with an upperclassman as a freshman. To have them as a mentor throughout college is really special.” The PLAs hold their own office hours and make connections with the students. This is important because it is sometimes more comforting to talk to another student rather than an adult.

Marli Isaacoff, a senior health studies student, said that her one major tip to freshmen is to stay organized. She said, “Do not wait until the last minute to start assignments. Write in your planner all the dates on the syllabus so you do not forget them.”  Writing in a planner avoids procrastination and allows you to see classes laid out on a calendar so that you can plan accordingly.

While college may seem like a huge adjustment, everyone at Monmouth is willing to help. There are so many services and events to take advantage of that can help freshmen feel more comfortable. Good luck to all first-year students!

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