On Display in Pollak: Aging and the Lived Experiences of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (T/GNC) Older Adults: Narratives through Art

The Pollak Gallery is currently hosting the “Aging and the Lived Experiences of Transgender and Gender Non-conforming (T/GNC) Older Adults: Narratives through Art” until March 11, exhibiting works that highlight the powerful experiences of these individuals as well as to promote inclusivity. The exhibit features artwork from a variety of T/GNC artists across different mediums, […]


Is the 2000s Grunge EraMaking its Way Back?

There are always new trends surfacing the internet that take of over social media and our daily lives. We have seen the 2000s pop culture of low-waisted pants, big hoop earrings, and feathers make a comeback, but now we are turning towards a different direction. The new aesthetic that floods our social media apps is […]


De-Stressing During the Semester

During the grind of the semester, stress can sneak up on you and gradually build up over time. Between classes and extracurriculars, it can become a juggling game of priorities where it’s easy to lose sight of your own needs and wellbeing. Although stress is inevitable, figuring out safe ways to manage it can help […]

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Is Campus Safe?

On the top of everyone’s minds is keeping themselves and others safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. As many have come to see, numerous limitations have been placed everywhere in order to allow us to continue along with our daily lives while mitigating the spread.

Combating Climate

Combating Climate Change

As a science-based major, I come from a background where everything needs to be supported by forms of evidence or definite proof. I also care for the world we live upon. With that being said, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that justifies that yes, climate change is occurring due to a multitude of factors both human and naturally and that yes, something should be done about it.