Excitement for Fall Activities On and Off Campus

Fall is the season of change. Changes in the physical world around us, as well in the campus community. Leaves will transform into their vibrant colors, the air will have a new chill, and pumpkins will be placed on doorsteps around us.

Many seasonal activities and events will begin to occur on and off campus in the coming weeks. Numerous students are excited to participate in what Monmouth’s campus has to offer this fall.

In terms of things to do this season on-campus, tons of new incoming students and upperclassmen being able to explore different clubs, programs, and Greek organizations that might not have been available to them in the past due to disruptions from the pandemic.

Every fall, Monmouth holds an Involvement Fair where students, new and old, gather to explore all that Monmouth has to offer. It certainly brings the feeling of togetherness we have been missing and is usually associated with autumn. There is finally a sense of normalcy and there is a healthy swarm of activities and events that thrive again on campus.

Students across campus have expressed their feelings of the new season, and what it brings for them during this semester. Commuter student Emily Schopfer, a junior studying art with a concentration in digital photography, expressed, “This year is the first year since I started at Monmouth that I can attend the Homecoming game and tailgate, and it’s also my first year where all my classes are totally in person so I’m very excited to get to really experience fall on campus for the first time.” Off-campus activities are beginning in Long Branch and surrounding towns as well. New Jersey certainly is a great place to experience the colors of fall. Personally, I am excited to visit sunflower farms and drink warm apple cider.

There are many events to attend, especially with Halloween coming up. Students can find events on-campus through Monmouth’s Experience MU app. Social media is also a great resource for students looking to find exciting events near them.

Even faculty and staff are excited to see the hustle and bustle of campus this fall semester, Hillary DelPrete, Associate Professor of Biological Anthropology, said, “I love Monmouth in the fall. The semester is underway, sports are in full-swing, and the campus community has found its rhythm!”

Surrounding neighborhoods and towns will begin having fall festivals soon, pumpkin patches and hayrides will be abundant, and of course, Monmouth will have many football games and homecoming events to ring in the fall season.

Anaika Napoleon, a senior chemistry student, said, “With this being my last fall semester at Monmouth, I’m beyond excited to experience all the fun games and events on campus, to meet new people, and connect with others.”

It’s very exciting to be able to enjoy the full potential of campus and be able to finally enjoy our college years to their full extent. Many students are grateful to be able to create new memories and finally experience autumn on campus after a rough few years adjusting to the pandemic. With all the festive activities and events coming up, there’s no shortage of fun things to do on and off campus to get in the spirit.