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#SABSwag Series: Wax Hands

Student Activities Board (SAB) hosted Wax Hands, a novelty event where students could have their hands molded for keepsakes, on the patio of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center (RSSC) on Wednesday, April 9 from 1 – 4 pm. The event was free and open to all students.

Students lined up for the opportunity to participate in a "one of a kind novelty activity," as stated by Taylor Carson, a sophomore international business and finance major, serving on the executive board as SAB's Novelties Chair. Carson was in charge of organizing the event.

The hand-replicating process began with the students dipping their hands into a tub of wax in whatever position they chose, and then into cold water. This process was repeated a few times as the wax hardened around their hand, creating a mold. The wax was then peeled off the students' hands and color was added, leaving them with colorful replicas of peace signs, thumbs-ups, high-fives, rock and roll signs, and more. As the students waited in line for their turns, they were able to enjoy spring-like weather and music provided by SAB.

Carson explained the event was brought to the University from Party Perfect Rentals. Carson has used this company in the past. She said they are very efficient, and the workers are included in the price paid for Wax Hands.

According to Party Perfect Rentals, "Wax Hands is a truly unique experience that lets you create a one of a kind keepsake."

"I personally think that the event went really well," said Jeff Singh, a sophomore psychology major, as well as the SAB executive board member of Travel and Tour. "I liked how we changed it up and instead of doing the event inside we did it outside in the nice weather. I feel like that really attracted a lot of people and, from what I saw, people were really into it."

Raven Lake, a junior secondary English education major, was glad she got to go outside and enjoy the weather. "I really enjoyed the Wax Hands activity," Lake said. "My friends and I were having lunch in the Student Center when we noticed all the people on the patio. The event was a great excuse to get outside in the beautiful weather for a little bit."

Wax Hands was a #SABSwag series event. #SABSwag is the hashtag name given to all of the organization's novelty events, or events where students can participate in and get things for free. These event are held every few Wednesdays from 1pm until 4 pm. They are usually inside the RSSC, but because of permitting weather, Wax Hands was moved to the patio.

"I think #SABSwag events are a great chance for students who are not involved in the organization but have interest in possibly joining to get to know the students who run SAB and ask them questions about joining or getting involved in the organization," said Megan McGowan, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations. McGowan serves as the advisor of SAB.

"I love to see students not only taking advantage of the swag activity and taking home free goodies, but also using this time to learn more about SAB as an organization," McGowan continued.

The novelty events that come out of the #SABSwag series are a good opportunity for students, both residents and commuters, to take a break from school work, according to McGowan. Novelty events give members of the University the opportunity to participate in a fun activity, and go home with a unique item that can be kept or given as a gift.

"Wax Hands was the last novelties event this semester," said Carson, "but SAB has a lot more in store for the campus, including one more concert on the residential quad and a spa night in Wilson Hall."

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