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Fit Fest Illumination Launches New Fitness Club COREiculum Founder Encourages Nationwide Campus Involvement

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COREiculum founder Andy Stern and yoga instructor Nicole Lardieri offered students a variation of fitness classes, ranging from yoga, cardio dance, plyometrics, or an abs workout in Anacon Hall Friday night at "Fit Fest Illumination."

Fit Fest Illumination featured a live DJ and took place in a glow in the dark environment, complete with body paint and glow sticks. The event was sponsored by the Student Activities Board (SAB) and the Panhellenic Council.

"I wanted to do a Healthy Living awareness event which turned into fitness classes," said Alicia Torello, a sophomore communication major and SAB Awareness Chair. "We needed a spin which was glow in the dark, and somewhere along the way it became a light show, and we added a DJ and some body paint!"

"The event was a lot of fun!" said Melissa Crosta, a senior communication major. "There were so many different workouts included in the night, and I think it was such a great way to expose students to alternative exercises. The instructors were super motivating and the whole vibe had so much positive energy. Who wouldn’t want to continue to work out after that?"

Stern hosted the workout routines for Fit Fest Illumination. Stern is an alumni of the University, having graduated with an MBA in business marketing in 2013. He began the COREiculum workout program in the spring of his senior year, after his residents began asking him how he keeps in shape with a busy schedule. He started teaching fitness classes in the basement of Cedar Hall.

"COREiculum has evolved sort of to become ‘Professor Stern’s workouts,’ which means you could experience a functional fitness class, circuit training, H.I.T.T, or, of course, a total CORE," said Stern. "I still put a lot of emphasis on body weight routines because of the success I have had with them. I know they are typically the safest, certainly the most convenient, and very effective."

Stern explained that if students can’t get his workouts live, they can always get variations of workouts through the COREiculum COREses with the "1st Semester" DVD Program.

According to the COREiculum website, the "1st Semester" DVD Program includes plyometrics, kickboxing, boot camp, cardio dance, yoga, and body pump. It requires no outside equipment other than a resistance band that is included with the DVD, and a nutrition guide cheat sheet, to help college students eat right for their busy schedules.

After getting Stern involved with Fit Fest Illumination, SAB decided to team up with the Panhellenic community to promote the event as well.

"SAB loves to get Greek Life involved in their events," said Torello. "Getting Greek Life gives everyone involved a chance to learn different strengths from each other."

In order to achieve a greater sense of community among students who are passionate about health and fitness, Stern created a new club available to University students. The club, which was launched at the Fit Fest Illumination event, is called Students Who Exercise Loving Life (SWELL).

"As a SWELLmate, you will get a COREiculum of workouts each week," said Stern. "We have been negotiating with the venues to bring our club in on an off-peak time so we can remove all ‘intimidating veterans’ from the class, and allow the first timers a fun and comfortable workout. It is too expensive for college students to have all of these gym memberships, and they might not have anyone to workout with!"

Some of the workouts Stern has on the horizon for students involved with SWELL include CKO, Crossfit, Ariel Yoga, Barre, and even a mud run.

"I still have a great relationship with Monmouth. I have been an active client of PRSSA for a few years now," said Stern. "During one of our meetings, I pitched my SWELL concept to the team and they loved it."

After hearing that SAB was planning a fitness event, Stern and PRSSA brainstormed this to be the official launch of SWELL.

"I think the SWELL club is going to be a huge hit at Monmouth," said Crosta. "It seems like a really motivating and fun program that will encourage the community to get and stay active."

For more information on SWELL, contact or connect on social media with the hashtag #FitForSWELL.

Photo Courtesy of Tara Cirincerone

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