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Balancing Schoolwork and Extracurricular Activities || Lifestyles

Have you recently found yourself overwhelmed by both schoolwork and extracurricular activities?  Does it seem like your professors are plotting against you in order to make you more stressed than ever?  Despite what you may think, this usually is not the case.  One thing that the average Monmouth University student struggles constantly with is balance.  Balance of school, extracurricular activities, internships, jobs, the list goes on and on.  A question that we, as students, still wonder is how is it possible to manage with so many places to be involved with on and off campus?

Motivation During Finals Week

Staying Motivated During these Final Weeks

Usually during this time of year, people are full of joy that the holiday season has finally begun.  With that being said, the same cannot particularly be said for college students. For some of us, this is a new experience that we have yet to understand. For others, it is a known fact that these few weeks before celebrating the holidays with family and friends can be a living nightmare. 

Cold Weather Style

Cold Weather Style

As the leaves start falling off the trees, the brisk air surrounds us as we step outside, and jackets are ultimately essential for any outing, you know the winter season is upon us.  Although for some this may not be the most ideal weather condition to be fashionable, there are ways in which we can still look great, while still staying warm.  Although it may seem almost virtually impossible making the transition from nice summer and fall outfits to heavy jackets that overtake an outfit, there are ways in which to alter your wardrobe to stay warm this winter.