Cold Weather Style

Cold Weather Style

As the leaves start falling off the trees, the brisk air surrounds us as we step outside, and jackets are ultimately essential for any outing, you know the winter season is upon us.  Although for some this may not be the most ideal weather condition to be fashionable, there are ways in which we can still look great, while still staying warm.  Although it may seem almost virtually impossible making the transition from nice summer and fall outfits to heavy jackets that overtake an outfit, there are ways in which to alter your wardrobe to stay warm this winter.

When speaking with junior social work student Claudia Sanchez about her taste when it comes to being fashionable during the winter, she shared, “My essential winter clothes are, cardigans, sweaters, scarfs, and tall boots. They are usually something I tend to wear more during the winter season.” Sanchez also noted that she usually tends to layer her clothing more during these cold months to be fashionable, as well as warm.  Sanchez had a few words of advice for anyone looking to alter their wardrobe for the winter. “You can make anything look good, even by adding small details to your outfit such as a scarf, long sleeve, sweater, and sweatshirt.  Most of these pieces will add to your outfit, ultimately making it look more fashionable,” she said.

Sanchez gave the perspective of ways in which to be fashionable from a woman’s standpoint while junior business management student Tom Torrese gave a perspective for men’s fashion during the winter.  Torrese stated, “Some of my essential pieces for the winter would have to be cardigans, long sleeves and even a nice scarf.”  He also said that an essential shoe within his winter rotation are Chelsea boots.  Torrese also noted that most clothing pieces that can be essential for people during the winter time don’t have to be ridiculously expensive.  Torrese stated, “There are many combinations of clothes that can be worn during the winter time.”  Whether you have busy day of class, or a relaxed day with friends, Torrese explained that there are multiple ways in which to stay warm and look fashionable at the same time.

Finally, while interviewing Monmouth University’s Social Media Coordinator Erin Smith, she shared her winter essentials.  She said, “I’m always a fan of big scarves, hats that even match my coat, and boots.”  When asked about how she would layer for the fall, Smith replied, “I always layer my clothes with things that you can easily take on and off to go inside and outside.”  This is a major key point to layering clothes that some people still have yet to understand.  If you layer your clothes with pieces that you can remove or add easily, it makes your entire outfit that much more versatile.  Finally, when asked if she had any advice for wardrobe alterations for the winter Smith said, “Buy staple pieces, such as plain colored sweaters, jackets, to wear over and over again.”  These staple pieces Smith mentioned are a necessity for the winter season.  You can mix and match different pieces to stay warm and fashionable throughout the cold months to come.

The overall message that was received from the three interviewees was that you can easily stay fashionable during the winter.  As stated previously, for some people it may seem impossible to have a great look during the winter time, but with the amount of clothing options for the winter that we have available to us today, our outfit possibilities are endless.

PHOTO COURTESY of Jordan Smith