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Monmouth Cinema Club: A Blockbuster Hit

Cinema ClubEver watch a movie and just want to talk about it for hours? Well Monmouth has the club for you. The Monmouth University Cinema Club is devoted to creating an exciting place for movie-lovers to meet and discuss what they love about cinema, and who better to run this club than one of the biggest film fans around.

Club President Julian Garcia started the club in the spring semester of 2015. He wanted to create an open and free environment where one could express their opinions, thoughts and theories about a wide variety of films. It became apparent that there was a great need for the club when attendance rose.

When asked about the success of the club Julian, a junior communication major, says, “Films have always been the greatest friends I could ask for and it is terrific to find people who think of movies in the same light.”

Under the guidence of professor Matt Lawrence  each month the cinema club board members choose distinguished filmmakers and dedicate an entire month to view their work.

During this month the Cinema Club chooses popular works by a director as well as less well known material from the director, which Julian Garcia believes allows for a complete in-depth look at the filmmaker.

September is dedicated to the films of Martin Scorsese and is sure to be a fan-favorite for attendees; starting off with his off beat sleeper hit, “After Hours” and continuing the month with his classics, “Good Fellas” and “Taxi Driver”.

Professor of Communication Robert Scott said, “ The cinema club was started by students and they usually show films wednesday nights.”

Following the month of September the club moves into horror films and will tackle films of both the terrifying and cheesy. November will look at the work of John Landis creator of some of the most well-known comedies, including the college cult hit “Animal House”. To wrap up the year, holiday movies will be shown including an ugly holiday sweater party.

President Julian Garcia curates Cinema Club, although there have been many times where club members take over to screen their favorite films. This aids Cinema Club’s goal to devote themselves to inspire others in their love of cinema.

The most important aspect of the Cinema Club is to always keep the appreciation of film and one another. When asked what she admires most about the club, member and junior communications major Stephanie Young, says, “I take several classes where I study and watch film, but it is always more enjoyable attending cinema club and knowing everyone you are amongst shares the same passion for movies that you do”.

The club’s activities continue beyond weekly screenings. During Oscar movie season the club hosted a showcase of all the nominated films in a two-day binge.

For Oscar night the club broadcasts the awards ceremony while competing in a friendly Oscar bracket. One of the most exciting features of the Cinema Club is attending film festivals in the surrounding areas.

Last year members ventured off to New York City to attend the New York Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival, which allowed them to experience film in a whole new way.

The Monmouth Cinema Club is always looking for new members and we welcome film fans of all kinds. The best aspect of the club is never knowing what films people are going to bring to the table.

So whether your favorite film is The Dark Knight, Citizen Kane or even Spy Kids (yes you read that right) come on out and join us and enjoy great films and even better people.

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