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Catching Up With Blue Hawk Records

Langosta Lounge 2016It’s a new semester here at Monmouth and Blue Hawk Records, the University’s student-run record label, has some rocking stuff in store for us this spring. We closed out our fall semester in December with an EP release show in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center (RSSC)  for the record label’s seventh compilation album, Shades of Blue. Dan Amato opened the show with his retro style showcased in a cover of “Houndog” by Elvis Presley as well as his single “Beautiful to Me” on the EP. Dan and Jackson performed their single off the EP, “I Told You,” along with some other cool tunes. They were then followed by a set from jazz artist Kellan Brennan, who covered “I Get a Kick Out of You” by Cole Porter as well as his original “Old Soul” on the compilation album. Thanks Genie closed out the show with a set including their song from the album, “Run.”

Over the winter break, University students kicked off the Light of Day festival in Asbury Park with a four-hour show at Langosta Lounge. Light of Day is a foundation that raises awareness and money for a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. There are over 30 shows across 13 countries as a part of this festival and Monmouth is the only college involved in the Light of Day festival. Joseph Rapolla, Chair and specialist professor of the Music and Theatre Arts department, commented, “It’s great to see a show like this that has so much meaning being completely ran by students.” This is the third year that The Music Alliance and Blue Hawk Records have put on this show at Langosta Lounge and it only gets better every year. Some of the featured acts included: Jackson Weipert, freshman music industry student; Dan Amato, freshman music industry student, with Jon Bass and Owen Flannigan, both sophomore industry students. Also playing at the Light of Day festival were Joey Affatato, junior music industry student and The Emily Youth Project consisting of Mike Grant, Jon Bass, Justin Murray, and Andrew Jackle. The night was closed out by junior music industry student, Brittany Cannarozzi, along with senior music education student, Vinnie Espinoza, and junior music industry student, Steven Fillipone. There was also a surprise performance by Dave DePaola, Jackle, Bass, and myself on vocals. It was one of my first performances ever and it was personally an honor to work with Blue Hawk Records and perform in the festival among these many other incredible musicians.

Now that we are back on campus, Blue Hawk Records is ready to rock your spring semester. Sam Bastone, a senior music industry student and president of Blue Hawk Records, said they have some awesome shows planned for this semester, along with some cool merchandise. You can also look out for the record label’s eighth compilation album. Auditions for the album will be held within the next few weeks. Rapolla said, “I have high hopes for the class that will be working on the album this semester. From scouting artists to recording to planning a live event, the process can be crazy but every semester we get better and this semester’s album will be the best one yet.”

Another exciting thing coming to not only music department but the school overall is Monmouth’s new partnership with Count Bassie Theatre in Red Bank. Rapolla explained that there will be a new expansion built onto the theatre that will include a new venue room and patio where Blue Hawk Records is expected to have a concert series in the spring. This partnership is also important for the music industry students because it creates a new place for internships and opportunities to mentor young musicians at the Academy at Count Bassie Theatre. Stay in tune to everything Blue Hawk Records is up to this semester by following them on Twitter and liking their Facebook page.


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