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Blue Hawk Records: Number Eight is Great

BHRBlue Hawk Records is Monmouth University’s student run record label. Every semester, the Applied Music Industry class taught by Professor Joseph Rapolla, head of the music department, holds auditions and scouts artists, records and produces a compilation album and hosts a live show at the end of the semester in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. This semester will be the record label’s eighth compilation album. After the success of Shades of Blue last semester, the label’s seventh compilation album, the student officers at Blue Hawk Records are excited to see what this class has in store for the album this semester.

This past Wednesday night, Feb. 10, the Applied Music Industry class held their auditions in Lauren K. Woods Theatre. A total of 10 acts auditioned to be on the compilation album. Rapolla said, “I was really impressed with all the auditions this semester. It seems like the talent just keeps getting better and better.”

The competition was stiff at this semester’s auditions. Brianna Roberts, a freshman music industry student who is also a member of the music industry class, said, “There was a lot of talent at the audition, which was great to see, but it also made it difficult to choose who would be on the album.”

Christian Durham, a junior music industry student, a member of the class and treasurer of Blue Hawk Records, commented, “There was a lot of truly talented musicians that came out this semester. The competition was one of the best and most competitive I think Blue Hawk Records has ever had for the compilation album.”

Although the decision was hard, the final six artists chosen for the album included: Taylor Puzzio, a sophomore music industry student and acoustic artist; singer/song writer, Brittany Cannarozzi, junior music industry student, with music education and music industry students Vinnie Espinoza on guitar and Steve Fillipone on drums, respectively; The Skinny Dips, a beach rock band including Joe Sullivan on lead vocals and guitar and Steve Fillipone on drums, both junior music industry students;  and Joy Morgan and Mike Grant on vocals with Jon Bass on bass, all sophomore music industry students. Punk Rock Duo and music industry students Joey Affatato (vocals and guitar) and Andrew Jackle (drums), are on the album as “The Carousers.” Biology student Trevon Bailey is on the album for his second time around, and freshman music industry student Dam Amato will be a part of the compilation with retro guitar and vocals style.

Rapolla has high hopes for this new class and is looking forward to this semester’s album. Rapolla said, “I am really impressed with the fact that this class seems very engaged, very focused, collaborative and very ready to get into the production, marketing, and release of this compilation album.” There are already dates set up for recording at Lakehouse Studios in Asbury Park with adjunct Professor Eric Romero, who is the head engineer at Lakehouse and also teaches a record production at the University. Also, there has been a release date set for the compilation album on April 20, where physical copies of the album and digital downloads will be available.

There are a lot of great things happening here for Blue Hawk Records this semester and this is only the beginning. Durham and Roberts both commented about what they are looking forward to this semester in the Applied Music Industry class. Durham said, “I am looking forward to a fun album this semester and hearing the finished product.” Roberts added, “I can’t wait to start working on the compilation album because of the great talent we have this semester.”

There have been a good deal of extremely talented musicians to go through Blue Hawk Records and it does not stop this semester. Rapolla stated, “We’ve got some really good songs this round. You can feel the enthusiasm and I think everyone’s going to get caught up in the momentum. This is going to be a good one!”

Let’s hope the weather will be nice to have an awesome outdoor release show! To keep updated on what’s happening with the album and any other events that Blue Hawk Records has planned, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Something’s happening here!


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