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The President Is… Wait, What?

Trump PresidencyThe 2016 Presidential election has been the most controversial election in history. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have created such strong supporters over the many months of campaigning. Argu-ments, fighting, and protests have taken up social media feeds, as well as streets all over America. It all came down to election night, Nov. 8, 2016. Everyone thought that Clinton was going to win, because that was what the polls were telling us. To many people’s surprise, however, they were wrong. Trump had won, and will be the 45th President of  the United States of America, starting in January.

Many of Monmouth University’s students and faculty members were divided over this election; stu-dents posted on Facebook and Twitter supporting one candidate over the other, causing havoc and tension. There were countless articles bashing each candidate, with new insults and dug up incidents appearing in the media every day. This election really became an example of dirty politics.

When Trump was announced as the President-elect, a huge portion of the country was shocked, stunned, and angry. People threatened to flee, and move to Canada and other countries.

Many individuals have criticized our next President  as being racist, sexist, and against the LGBTQ+ community, based on his past remarks and actions. Everyone’s feelings were so raw. Individuals felt like they no longer had a home in America and would not be able to live safely.

A senior communication student, Ayse Yasas, stated, “I’m scared to see people forgetting how to love and respect one another regardless of what our values are. I don’t want to see the lives of the black, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, female or assault victims ruined because of this election outcome. We need to love more.” That is exactly what we need— love. Our beloved country needs to come together, and be unified.

Stephen Chapman, assistant professor of political science and sociology, said, “The election has clearly shown a division within American society given Trump’s winning coalition of voters. There was a divi-sion along age, race, gender, and education within the electorate that will persist beyond 2016.” The people of America cannot let the winner of this election come between them and the rest of their fel-low citizens.

On the other side, there were many Trump supporters expressing happiness, excitement for the tran-sition, and gratitude. Many people are hopeful and are looking forward to the next four years, ready for the change Trump promised to elicit.

Angelo Sceppaguercio, a senior finance and real estate student, said, “It feels like a weight lifted off the people’s shoulders. The media had Clinton winning by a landslide and brainwashed the people, or at least tried to. It is time to make a change in this country. Eight years ago this country was better than it is today. It’s time for a better America.”

It is definitely time for the stress and aggravation about this election to halt. Trump has promised to make this country better than ever, and stick by all Americans. America will see what he has planned to turn this country around.

  No matter who won the election, America as a whole would not have been happy. As much as people hate Trump, many citizens were against Clinton. Senior communication student, Nicole DeSarno said, “I feel with Donald Trump stepping into office, that so many people are quick to point the finger at a man who hasn’t done anything (yet). We are the ones who are breaking out in violent protests, marches, and public disruption. We cause our own demise and blame it on someone else because it’s easier and I fear this all along, more than the Presidential elect. Whoever it was going to be, I feared a nation divided.”

 While we as a country are divided, we need to give Trump a chance, and see what happens. We have seen him speak with President Obama, who has promised to aid his transition into the White House. It is not the time to jump to conclusions; it is time to come together. America has worked too hard to get to the place where it is today. We are a strong country when we come together.

This election has been an eye-opening and surprising journey, from the campaign trails, to the de-bates, and to who the electoral college selected to be the next President. Many citizens are angered, while others are joyful, and excited for a change. Either way, the United States of America is going through this transition as one. Spread the love, stop the hate, and support each other.

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