Sandy Hook

Outdoor Destinations Near Campus

With the warm weather quickly approaching, Monmouth students want to leave the confines of their dormitories and enjoy the beautiful, scenic beaches and the Atlantic one-mile down Cedar Avenue. But Hawks should soar a little further than just the outskirts of Long Branch where land meets sea. Contrary to popular belief, New Jersey does in fact possess a number of beautiful, outdoor areas for its residence to enjoy, some of which are not too far away from campus.

Dino Marino

Dino Marino: Impressing the University Community One Performance at a Time

Upon entering the stairwell of Oakwood Hall, one will often hear guitar melodies as they take each step up the staircase. On the second landing, before opening the door to the second floor, the acoustic sound grows. I walk through the well-lit, plainly painted corridor until I approach a dorm room door that reads, “206,” where the tunes are playing louder than before.