Family Matters: Life as a Twin and a Quadruplet

Many of us have siblings, but nothing quite compares to the uniqueness of spending nine months together in your mother’s womb and being born almost at the exact same time. Once born, it is nearly guaranteed that one will already have a friend to grow, play, and explore life with by their side. 

A pair of gentlemen from Cranford, NJ have ventured through life and landed here together at the University. These identical twins are Tommy and Brian Foye, two junior communication students. 

“When we began the whole college search, we both definitely didn’t plan on going to the same college,” Tommy said. “We kept our options open and wanted to find a place that would personally make us happy.” 

Brian, on the other hand, knew exactly where he wanted to go. “Ever since I was a junior in high school, I knew I wanted to come to Monmouth. I came to visit the University when my older brother came for Monday’s at Monmouth his senior year of high school,” he explained. 

After some decision making, Tommy realized that he wanted to become a Monmouth Hawk alongside Brian as well as their older brother, John Drew, a senior criminal justice student. “I was between a few colleges, but ended up feeling that Monmouth was the right fit for me,” Tommy said. 

At the University, the Foye twins are heavily immersed within campus activities and culture. Both are “brothers” in the fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma. Brian holds the position of PR/Social Media Chair as Tommy aids him and promotes the fraternity on campus through volunteer services and philanthropic events. 

Not only do the Foye twins fill their schedules with fraternity activities, but also with the planning and executing of events with the Student Activities Board (SAB). 

“I am also on the Executive Board for SAB where I hold the position of the Travel and Tour Chair,” Brian said. 

“I’m also on the Executive Board on SAB as the Comedy Chair,” Tommy added. In their spare time, the twosome writes for The Outlook as well. 

Tommy and Brian continue to involve themselves in campus life and attempt to exemplify what it truly means to be a Monmouth Hawk. 

TwinNow imagine multiplying the Foye twins by two and having three other siblings to share a birthday with. 

Staten Island, NY native and sophomore English and education student Matt Yard can attest to that. While Matt attends the University, his siblings James, Katherine, and Victoria attend Wagner College in Staten Island. 

“My whole life, I’ve been associated as ‘The Yards,” Matt explained. I wanted to be known as ‘Matt.’ I love having the individual presence here at Monmouth.” 

Matt believes the separation from his siblings has been a positive experience for him as he is able to promote his own self-expression.  

Even though Matt enjoys his privacy at the University, he certainly misses his family. “Luckily, I am only 40 minutes away from home so that played into my decision of attending Monmouth,” he said. 

“It wasn’t easy leaving them. When they dropped me off on move in day, all four of us were there, including my parents.” This was a very emotional, pinnacle moment in the Yard family’s life as the feeling of incompleteness at home began to settle in knowing that Matt would not be present at the dinner table. 

“It’s sad to have Matt away at school, however, I’m so proud of him and I know that the distance will not change anything. I miss him everyday but I know that this chapter in his life is very important,” Victoria, Matt’s sister, said. 

“Being a quadruplet is a blessing. It’s like having best friends experience every step of life with you,” she continued. 

Whether it is the twins attending the same college or the quadruplets branching off in different directions, they are still family at the end of the day. It is an everlasting connection that runs through our very veins. There is no stronger bond than family. 

PHOTO COURTESY of James Romano