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Getting Over Mid-Semester Blues

Mid Semester BluesThe spring semester is always an interesting one, to say the least. You feel like you’re in high school again, just counting down the days to summer vacation. But you also realize that you need to “adult” and actually complete your work to finish out the semester.

This time of year is also very confusing in terms of the weather. One day there’s a snow storm, and the next day it is gorgeous and sunny. You don’t know if you should curl up in a blanket and attempt to study for all your midterms, or get ready to forget about all responsibilities and go to the beach.

Around this time in the semester when midterms are happening and soon finals will be approaching, students may have a hard time remaining focused and staying motivated to do work.

“Everyone wants to be outside in this weather and it’s important to find a balance,” Dr. Andrew Lee, the director of Counseling and Psychological Services, said. “We shouldn’t allow ourselves to lose track of everything, but we also shouldn’t restrict ourselves from going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather.”

 Not only are we distracted by the beautiful weather and our close proximity to the Jersey shore, we also have finals right around the corner. Lee said “We must know and acknowledge that stress will come. Life happens, and sometimes, life is stressful.”

Lee continued, “The best way to help with stress is to have a plan to finish your work and study efficiently.”

Lee also shared that some simple things we can do to have less focus on stress during this time is to make sure we engage in some kind of physical activity, get enough sleep every night, and also to just breathe. These tips may sound silly and simple, but can actually be very helpful in avoiding being overwhelmed by stress.

Another important thing to remember is that there is always support on campus to help you get through any tough times. Emily Minieri, a sophomore graphic design student, has been sick on and off for the past month or so and has been struggling a bit in her work.

Minieri said, “Although this semester has been very stressful, my professors have been incredible in helping me get back on track. I am definitely very lucky to have the professors I do to help me get through the rest of this semester.”

Although the fall semester has it’s fair share of midterm projects and final exams as well, the spring semester often brings along the distraction of nice weather and also the pressure for many seniors who plan to graduate in May after their last semester here at Monmouth.

Dave DePaola, a senior music industry and business student, said, “During my first three years here at MU, I worked really hard to maintain at least a B average every semester. Now in my final semester as an undergraduate, I’m still going to try my best but I am also going to focus on making my last semester here really count.”

Lee commented, “Seniors should especially remember that although they may feel like they are done, they are not quite there yet. Being ‘almost’ done is not the same as being completely finished, seniors need to realize this and finish the year strong.”

Lee also shared how it is important to cherish every aspect of our experience here at Monmouth, not just academics. “The college experience is one you don’t ever get again so while you are here, take the chance to learn from each other and prepare yourself for your ‘life after Monmouth,'” Lee said.

Although college can often be stressful and overwhelming, we have to push through it and there are ways to make it easier. We don’t have to completely isolate ourselves in the library for hours, with no exposure to sunlight like a vampire.

However, we also need to remember that academics are important and so we should be prepared and organized for when finals roll around so we don’t get overwhelmed.

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