Campus Viewpoint 10-25-17

Where's your favorite spot to get work done on campus? What de-stress techniques work best for you?

10.25.17 Viewpoint 5

Maria Trujillo

“I like to go to the gym to take my mind off of stress and to get my energy back."

10.25.17 Viewpoint 6

Shannon Lawrence

“Listening to music and dancing in my room helps to release my stress."

10.25.17 Viewpoint 7

Parth Patel

“Essential oils help me to destress."

10.25.17 Viewpoint 8

Susan Schuld

“After getting home from school, I watch TV and spend time with my family before starting work to avoid any added stress."

10.25.17 Viewpoint 9

Michael Phillips-Anderson
Ph.D. Associate Professor

“The best de-stressor for me is putting down my phone and getting a good night's sleep."