Campus Viewpoint 11-08-17

What made you want to attend/teach at Monmouth?

11.08.17 Viewpoint 5

Blake Robinson

“During Mondays at Monmouth, the school was very welcoming. I feel like I'd belonged there."

11.08.17 Viewpoint 6

Shenin Siddiqui

“It's close to where I live so my parents aren't worried, and I fell in love with the beautiful campus."

11.08.17 Viewpoint 7

Paul Matt

“I really liked the campus, the fact that it was close to home, and they have a great communication department."

11.08.17 Viewpoint 8

Ami Burgos

"I really liked the environment of the school as well as the close proximity to home."

11.08.17 Viewpoint 9

John Buzza
Specialist Professor

“I have a history here; I graduated from Monmouth in 1971. It has given me the opportunity to have a successful career and an opportunity to give back."