Campus Viewpoint 12-06-17

How do you prepare for final exams?

12.06.17 Viewpoint 5

Kilber Ruiz

"I like to give myself time to do work and prepare for the exams; it's best to think ahead and plan."

12.06.17 Viewpoint 6

Krissy Antone

“I personally enjoy doing yoga and other activities to promote mindfulness during exam week along with studying."

12.06.17 Viewpoint 7

Mike Confessore
Graduate Student

“Although I work a full-time job, I like to schedule a half an hour of studying each day to keep the workload manageable."

12.06.17 Viewpoint 8

Sophia DePalma

"I try to plan ahead study times and areas to study because the study rooms and library can get busy."

12.06.17 Viewpoint 9

Professor Thomas Pearson
Professor of History

“I keep up with my physical workouts three times a week in order to keep routine and give myself a break."