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Noodles & Company Provides Good Eats Close to University

No matter how many times you walk around the food court at Monmouth Mall to get your free samples, your options will not change. If you take just a few short steps away from the food court, you will find yourself at one of the newest additions to the mall; Noodles & Company. A restaurant that opened in Nov. 2013, Noodles & Company allows you to take a journey through noodle heaven. Whether one is in the mood for some Japanese pan noodles or the traditional Italian spaghetti and meatballs, this place has got you covered.

As college students we look for three specific things when choosing food that is not part of our meal plan— cheap, tasty and fast.

For a small pasta dish at Noodles & Company, the price is a low $4.69. To upgrade to a regular side, all you have to do is find another $1.20 lying around your room. Taste plays a huge part in the food we consume, but there is no worrying about that here.

The flavors that go into each dish make your taste buds want to thank you. There is a perfect amount of each ingredient in all dishes, and if you need more there is a special “add meat or tofu” option for all orders. When you are pressed for time, Noodles & Company allows ordering to be done online so it is ready for when you pick it up. At other times when you just want to have a quick bite with friends, the food is still brought out pretty quickly.

Lecturer in the Communication Department Jennifer Shamrock has had her own experience at the restaurant. “This place is a great option for people who want quick, tasty, healthier food. You are able to have a quick meal and not feel bad afterwards for consuming 2,000 calories,” she said.

Another great thing about this place is that you have the calorie count right on the menu. Unlike other restaurants, each item has the amount of calories you will be consuming under each dish. Having this information right in front of you allows healthier choices to be made. Also on the menu, you will see that some items have pictures next to them.

A little pepper can be seen next to some, indicating the dish is a little on the spicy side. Others have a “V” next to them, informing you that the meal is vegetarian. Certain dishes even have instructions as to which add-in goes best with the dish. Whether it is grilled chicken breast for those wanting to be healthy, or organic tofu for non-meat eaters, there are options for everyone.

 When pasta just won’t hit the spot for you, Noodles & Company is not all noodles. You have other choices that include soups, salads, sandwiches, edamame, pot stickers and even cheesy garlic bread. The wide variety of choices makes you want to keep coming back to try something different.

Elizabeth Packman, a senior math and education major said, “Noodles & Company sounds like somewhere I’d like to go.”

Instead of standing in lines at crowded restaurants, you can enjoy fresh food for a great price at Noodles & Company.


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