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Bye Bye Polar Bears

polarbearThe first day of February has finally arrived. Instead of everyone putting on their winter coats before heading out, they are grabbing their sunglasses and slipping on their sandals.

There is something wrong with this picture, but it’s reality. This is all because of a little something called global warming.

While most people think this is a hoax that someone started just to get the world in a frenzy of spending tons of money on “going green,” I believe that it is true. If someone else would like to explain the snowstorm in October and the summer weather in February, feel free. Until then, I am sticking with global warming.

Many people have heard the term before but not everyone knows what it means. Global warming is literally exactly what it sounds like, the warming of the planet. It is a result of the “greenhouse effect.” According to, the “greenhouse effect” is gases that let light in but keep heat from escaping, kind of like the walls of a greenhouse.

There are several different things that cause global warming. Coal burning power plants and cars are the largest sources. According to, the US is the largest source for carbon dioxide pollution.

Something obviously needs to be done about this. The US is supposed to be one of the most powerful countries. If we start to take responsibility and change our ways, maybe other countries will follow our footsteps.

If global warming continues to get worse, the world isn’t going to be that safe of a place anymore. Storms and hurricanes are going to get stronger, flooding is going to get more extreme, and droughts are going to be unbearable.

The weather patterns are majorly affected but so is wildlife. If temperatures continue to rise, polar bears won’t be able to live in their natural habitat. They are predicted to become extinct by the year 2015, according to

The non-believers only think that the animals are the ones being harmed, but they are wrong. People themselves are at high risk because of global warming. It increases smog pollution intensifying pollen allergies and asthma. It even causes more of a widespread of diseases and increases the chances of heat related deaths.

global warming2 uqcypwGlobal warming takes no prisoners. No one is safe from it. But if we do something about it, we can save the planet from further destruction.

People need to be more “green.” This means using renewable energy sources like wind and driving hybrid cars. Many car companies are looking into making affordable hybrid cars and some are already on the market.

I’m not telling you to go out right now and buy an electric car. I am just telling you to be more cautious because there are facts being brought about everyday proving that global warming is in fact real. According to, over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history.

There is a quote on that says, “Unless we act now, our children will inherit a hotter world, dirtier air and water, more severe floods and droughts, and more wildfires.”

This is absolutely true whether you wish to believe it or not. Look at the insane weather we have been having lately. Look at the most recent hurricanes like Hurricane Katrina.

Global warming has been the cause of all of it. The planet truly is getting hotter.

So, next time you drive past a factory and see the black smoke pouring out of it, think of what that is actually doing to the world. Think of the polar bears. Please help save the polar bears.

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