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Life Lessons for an MU Student from Legally Blonde

Legally BlondeIt’s no shock that Legally Blonde has some of the most memorable quotes in movie history, but it’s deep-rooted life lessons are what make the movie that much ‘funner’!

Do you know that internal churning and sweaty-palmed feeling when a professor calls on you and you don’t know the answer? No? Just me? Well, Elle Woods had the exact feeling when she didn’t read, or for that matter, even have her textbook before class.

Our professors tend to drill into our brains that we need to be ready for class, that we need to be prepared and have our books for class no matter what, to avoid that pre-court Elle Woods feeling, but we don’t always listen. The worst case scenario happened to Elle; she was kicked out of class because she wasn’t properly prepared.

To avoid that major embarrassment, always have your textbooks/notes ready for class and try not to avoid questions, but rather boldly try to answer a question even if you aren’t positive that you’re right. The worst that can happen is you’re wrong and you’ll end up learning something new.

This goes hand-in-hand with another one of Elle’s famous lessons: if you put in the work, your professors will take notice. At Monmouth, we’re lucky that our classes cap at about 35 students, whereas some colleges have a minimum of 50 or 60 students. Some students at universities like Penn State and University of North Carolina have lectures with 250-500 students.

Thankfully, being a small campus pays off: our professors cannot only see us in a crowded classroom, but they are able to recall our names and can tell if we start to slack off just the same as if we start to put our work in.

Our humble Monmouth campus isn’t exactly Harvard Law (we’re obviously better), but that shouldn’t stop any student from mirroring Elle Woods’ sheer intuition and passion to follow her dreams. Her complete disregard for having a back-up plan and putting all of her time and energy into becoming a Harvard Law student is the exact type of drive all students should have when thinking about reaching their goals.

Her dreams didn’t seem like dreams to her because they were part of her plan. She knew she would reach them because of her innate confidence in herself. So, just like Ms. Woods, “You should always have faith in yourself.”

After putting in hard work, dealing with large (and difficult) classes, everyone needs alone time to cool off and relax our exhausted brains.

One of the main reasons many students come to Monmouth is the fact that, regardless of construction, our campus is beautiful, and being that we are only a mile from the beach, it has limitless benefits such as relaxing on a day off.

Whether you are a replica of Elle Woods and need some girl time at the salon, you need to play video games, or maybe you need to exercise because “exercise gives you endorphins...endorphins make you happy,” whatever it is that will help you relax, always make sure to take a break from school work every so often.  

While at first glance, Elle Woods may have had the entire world fooled, she knew she would be an inspiration to mass amounts of people someday, inspiring them to follow their dreams, believe in themselves, and always remember: “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.”


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