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Why I Love Sweaters

Oh, Let Me Count the Ways...

red sweaterFall, the best time of year for all of our wardrobes, has finally made its way here!

There’s nothing better than a wardrobe full of autumn colors, and of course the array of sweaters that we’re finally able to break out. Seeing everyone walking around campus in the brisk air wearing sweaters that match perfectly with the changing colors of the leaves is so pleasing.

Sweaters come in a vast variety for any type of day that fall throws at you. There are sweaters that are perfect for those mornings in the start of the season where it’s cool in the morning, but it warms up by the middle of the day. These are the perfect days to wear your light sweaters or just a cardigan to go over your outfit. There are also days where it’s cold and rainy this is where your big fluffy sweaters come in handy. The sweater will keep you warm all day regardless of how cold and damp it is outside.

sweater picOnce we get used to the fall semester it gets more and more difficult to get out of bed for early classes. Making the decision of looking nice or catching those extra five minutes of sleep can be really tough. The beauty of sweaters is that you don’t really have to try to look nice when putting an outfit together. You can throw on a big sweater and your most comfortable pair of pants and you’re set. Sweaters make getting ready on fall mornings quick and easy, without looking like you just rolled out of bed (even if you did).

If you’re sad to retire your favorite tank top from the summer just because it’s fall, this is where cardigans come in handy. You can still wear your tank top, just with a cardigan over it to keep you warm. Cardigans can be worn with any kind of outfit too; you can be dressed up or just be comfy, and they’ll work with any almost any look you’re going for. Think of the endless possibilities of outfits you can create just by adding a cardigan.

Sweaters come in an array of different colors. If you have a favorite sweater, why not buy it in more than one color? You’ll be able to wear your favorite sweater a few days in a row, a different color each day, without it being dirty. You can also add different accessories each time you wear a sweater and make it look like a whole new outfit. Sweaters match with any pants too, so you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable.

The best thing about sweaters is how comfortable they are. It’s like wearing a hug; they’re so warm and fluffy. When you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing it usually make your day better. Sitting in class is uncomfortable when you’re trying to adjust the straps of a shirt you’re wearing or constantly pulling a shirt down. Take it from me, you’ll be more comfortable in a sweater. You won’t be itching all day to get into a more comfortable shirt- a sweater will keep you cozy all day.

Coming from someone who lives in a sweater almost 24 hours a day during the fall, I can attest to the fact that my sweaters are the most comfortable articles of clothing I own. They’re simple, cute, and most importantly, comfortable.

PHOTO Courtesy of Lauren Niesz

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