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Stay Away From the Squirrels

Stay Away From the SquirrelsSmart, sneaky, stalkers. Predatory, pensive, pudgy. Only one creature is ferocious enough to embody all of these characteristics. Only one creature has the ability to infiltrate the whole University, disguised among the foliage, waiting to pounce on you.

What on earth is this camouflaged, ambushing creature? Why, it’s a squirrel of course.

Most students on campus have had at least one negative interaction with a Monmouth Squirrel. See, a MU Squirrel is not your average squirrel, although it looks the same to the naked eye.

Both an average squirrel and a MU squirrel are about three inches in height when standing on all fours, have grayish-brownish fur and fluffy tails. Each may look like a cuddly animal, and may even come across as playful as two or more may leap and bound from tree to tree while engaging in a game of tag.

“Oh, that’s cute,” one might think as he or she observes this game of tag. But, despite the fact that these creatures seem harmless, we MU students know differently. We’ve experienced the dangerous effects of a MU squirrel, and now we know not to cross them.

Every student on this campus has heard the story. It probably spread faster than the recap of a girl fight during lunch at your high school. This story, however, is more frightening and causes more disbelief than that of a girl fight.

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An ‘Absent’ Issue on Campus

The University is home to over 4,500 undergraduate students and about 2,000 graduate students that are all susceptible to the standard attendance policy. Each department at the University has its own attendance policy. On average, each policy allows two class absences per semester.

In contrast, Rutgers University is  home to over 40,000 undergraduate students and about 15,000 graduate students. The large amount of students enrolled at Rutgers creates complications when professors attempt to enforce attendance policies. The students of Rutgers are rarely penalized for their lack of attendance, which has sometimes proven to be successful, but also detrimental to their grades.

Considering our fellow New Jersey school, Rutgers, lacks in the implementation of repercussions for lack of attendance, students at the University are left wondering why our policy is extremely strict?

Most classes at Monmouth follow the two-absence limit rule, which is reasonable, but if you miss three days instead of the allotted two, you may be subjected to a loss in a letter grade. What if it’s an excused absence you say? Well an excused absence is harder to come by than a free ride.

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Put This in Your Coffee Cup

If there is one thing about college that makes me cringe at the very sound of its utterance, it’s the sound of my 7:30 am alarm screeching, trying to wake my drowsy college butt up from bed. For some college students, that sound makes us take our pillows and throw them over our heads.

We mumble a conjuncture of words that are supposed to come out as, “I don’t want to get up” but really come out as “ughlksaglkjaegh.” Somehow we miraculously manage to wake up and start to get ready. But there are always mishaps that occur when college students (who are barely awake) try to get ready for an early morning class, that groggy feeling is never desired. Well here’s something for the early birds to read as they sip their morning cup o’ joe.

It all starts with the night before, when you’re getting all ready for bed. You first go and brush your teeth until your breath has the smell of a Scope commercial and then you have some quality time with your alarm clock.

You click through the buttons to set the alarm to 7:30 am and of course mess up the numbers in the process, therefore you have to scroll through another time to set it for the right time. After your thumbs get a work out from constantly pressing the buttons for what seems like a million years, you crawl into bed and begin to dream.

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Lavish Weddings Breaking the Bank

Lavish Weddings Breaking the BankOn the heels of the Kim Kardashian divorce, many wondered what could have caused the breakup of a couple that seemed enamored with each other at their $10 million wedding, a mere 72 days prior to the divorce announcement.

Weeks after filing for the divorce, Kardashian said that she got too “caught up” in the planning of the wedding, and by the time she realized that she had made a mistake, it was too late and she did not want to let her fans down. Her statement led me to question the meaning behind the American obsession with lavish weddings and extravagance. What first appeared to be part of the celebrity culture, the desire to have over-the-top weddings has become a part of mainstream lifestyles.

Ordinary people have always been influenced by Hollywood and the trends set forth by their favorite celebrities, and the habit of imitation is finding its way into the weddings of many people. With televisions shows such as “Platinum Weddings,” “Brides of Beverly Hills,” and “Rich Bride, Poor Bride,” ordinary people strive to have extraordinary weddings that they often cannot afford.

Long gone are the days of people planning weddings with the main intention of celebrating the eternal bond they are about to form with the love of their lives. These days, weddings have become a chance for brides and grooms to bury themselves in debt for the sake of putting on a show for their guests. Weddings are now all about which designer made the dress, how extravagant the cake is, and how expensive the venue looks.

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“Modern Family” Has Families Everywhere Laughing

Modern Family“Modern Family” trumps all primetime comedies. Tears are springing from your eyes, starting to overflow the bottom lids. Now the tears are streaming down your face. It gets worse: your stomach is cramping up so hard it hurts to do anything. Now, because you’re crying, and your stomach is convulsing, and your nose is getting all stuffy, you can’t breathe. Not even a little bit.

This scenario may sound like a bad day, but, really, it’s the exact opposite. You’re simply watching this week’s new episode of ABC’s “Modern Family,” the best comedy on television right now. The hysterical blend of comedic perfection is literally making you laugh so hard you’re crying (and maybe peeing in your pants a little bit too).

“Modern Family” is a sitcom that has been a part of primetime network television since September 2009. It follows one extended family, the Pritchetts, through their days as parents, children, spouses, siblings, and cousins.

The Pritchett family is comprised of patriarch Jay, his Colombian wife Gloria, and her son Manny. Jay is also father to Mitchell, who lives with his partner Cameron, and their adopted Asian daughter Lily. The show also follows Jay’s daughter Claire’s family which includes her husband Phil Dunphy, their daughters Haley and Alex, and son Luke. 

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Jacks or Draft?

For students that live locally and are of legal age to drink, their social lives depend on two bars.  These two bars are called Jack’s Goal Line Stand and Draft House.  The dueling sport bars are the first considered stop for college locals.

Jack’s Goal Line Stand and Draft House are conveniently located right down the street from one other.  On any given weeknight, it can be promised that Brighton Avenue will be flooded with stumbling students.  Cops sit on every side streets surrounding the bars, waiting for the next drunken brawl to break out or to stop a drunk driver.

These aren’t the only two bars in the area, but they might as well be with the lack of attention students give the other bars. Occasionally, a group will go to the Brighton Bar to see a band playing there, or someone will want to go to Otto’s Bar and Grill for Wasted Wednesdays and beer pong tournaments, but these are all rare suggestions. Many other bars are less welcoming to students and are more for adults who live in the area; I like to call them townies.

So which will it be? Draft or Jack’s? Jack’s or Draft?  Each bar has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the components of what makes a good bar.  Deciding which one is for you depends on personal preference.

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An Internship Horror Story

We are at a time in our lives when the scariest words to anyone are “internship” and “job.” It is that joyous time of spending countless hours on the computer sending your resume to 20 plus businesses, firms, agencies, or for me, magazines. Glossy magazines have cluttered my room for years. While most young girls were playing teacher and house, I was playing magazine editor.

This is what I wanted and it was this fall when I thought all my dreams would come true. Wow, was I wrong.

We have all heard internship horror stories but I was about to live my own, literally stepping into the vicious world of high fashion at Harper’s Bazaar magazine, one of the classiest and reputable publications out there. I was soon going to surround myself with everything I had ever hoped for. September came and I was the new beauty editorial intern.

I knew walking into the Hearst Publications building I had reached heaven. The breathtaking building was filled with marble, posh décor, and high heels clicking away. My beaming geeky intern smile was washed away in just a few short hours.

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Letter To The Editor 11/9/11

I would like to respond to a recent article in The Outlook stating that many students feel that the University Police are not happy with the amount of taxis entering campus. I have looked into this matter and nothing could be further from the truth.

Taxicabs provide an alternative source of transportation throughout the area, especially as it pertains to the use of alcohol. The University Police understand that all students must make individual decisions on whether or not to use alcohol. If they choose to partake in the use of alcohol, we strongly suggest that they do so responsibly. Part of making a responsible decision about alcohol involves limiting one’s intake, avoiding binge drinking and drinking type games, and planning on how students will get to and from locations where they are drinking. The last thing we want to see is anyone driving a motor vehicle after they have consumed alcohol.  The consequences can be fatal.

In an effort to support the safe use of alcohol, the University Police support the HERO Campaign which encourages the use of designated drivers. We also encourage students to call private taxi companies if they have been drinking and need a ride to campus or some other location. The Police also keep the phone numbers of local cab companies at the dispatch desk if students call the Police requesting a cab.

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Stop Cyber Bullying, Save Lives

Tyler Clementi. Megan Meier. Phoebe Prince. Jamey Rodemeyer. These names might sound familiar, but perhaps, hard to place. Why are these names recognizable?

All four of these people have something in common: they were all regular kids before bouts of cyber bullying caused them to end their lives.

According to, cyber bullying is any bullying done over an electronic medium, such as cell phones and the Internet.

While it can take many forms, the most prominent ones include the sending of mean messages, spreading rumors, hurtful or threatening messages, or even stealing someone’s personal account information to break into his or her e-mail or social network account to post untrue or hurtful information.

Cyber bullying can also lead to depression, anxiety and suicide. Clementi, Meier, Prince and Rodemeyer all chose the latter because they could no longer cope with the bullying to which they were being subjected.

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Cheating is Only Bad if You Get Caught, Right?

CheatingIn a society where people are overly interested in the size of their houses, the price tag of their cars, and the lavishness of their weddings, it is only natural that that mentality would spill over into the world of academics and the way students view competition.

Most, if not all universities have policies discussing the severity and consequences of cheating, but the act still does take place. According to the Online Education Database (OED), 60.8 percent of polled college students admitted to cheating, 16.5 percent of those students did not regret their decision, and 85 percent of college students believe that cheating is a necessary part of college academics.

Not to pardon the dishonest students who cheat their way through life, but part of the reason we see such high numbers of cheaters in college is because of the academic pressure that is placed upon students. From the moment they enter high school, they are entering a world of grade point averages, a race for valedictorian, and a desire to be among the top 10 percent in order to have their choice of the best colleges out there.

In college, the race continues to be even closer to the top percentile in order to secure a useful internship, an invitation into an honor society, and eventually a job. Students graduate from one pressure cooker to another. Although the constant comparison of grades is not as blatant in college as it is in high school, the competition does still exist.

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H2Oh No

Imagine having to worry everyday if you and your family were going to die from dehydration. Imagine having to drink from a contaminated river because you did not have access to safe drinking water. This is a reality for billions of people today.

For most of us, this would be pretty difficult to picture but that is because we live in a developed country with an abundance of available clean drinking water.

Developed nations such as the United States often take for granted the fact that we have clean accessible water at our fingertips. The thought of not being able to have safe water to drink has not ever occurred to most of us. If only every person in this world was this lucky.

Roughly 3.4 million people lose their lives from firsthand consumption of unsafe water or diseases infected by organisms living in polluted water.

Each year nearly 2.2 million die of diarrhea, 17,000 from intestinal worms, 1.1 million from malaria and 15,000 from fever. This is especially common in the developing nations because there is a large abundance of impoverished people that greatly rely on biodiversity.

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