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Facebook After Death

FacebookRIP2Over 800 million people log on to Facebook everyday. Some change statuses, upload photos, or just stalk people who they used to be friends with, but something about Facebook has lawmakers wondering what is appropriate.

I am not talking about what is appropriate in regards to privacy concerns, I am talking about the ever-growing concern of what happens to an individual’s online presence after they pass away. When a person passes, all their physical affairs are taken care of following proper protocol, but as of today, your social media presence can still live on even if you may not. This aspect of social media has lawmakers discussing possible solutions to this unfortunate and sometimes untimely problem.

Currently, there are five states in the United States that have passed laws in regards to the governing of digital asset management after death. Though this is a start to an inevitable future in digital asset management, the laws in effect now are extremely out of date.

For example, Connecticut’s digital asset management laws only regard electronic mail as a platform that can be governed after death. Connecticut law does not represent Facebook, Twitter, or blogs in its quest to provide social media users with digital piece of mind after death. Though this law seems primitive to the times, it is a start to a future that will be full of digital asset management laws.

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Using Stress as Motivation

methodsofhealing.comFor some, stress is a part of life that makes things more difficult, but for others, stress acts as a motivator. Although doctors tell us time and time again that we should avoid stress for health reasons, is it possible that there are some benefits to stress? Recent studies have shown that stress is not bad all of the time.

According to health educator Carol J. Scott, MD, “Short term stress can increase activity in the immune cells that boost the body’s defenses.” Thus, a little stress can benefit the immune system and enhance its ability to protect the body and fight diseases. Small amounts of stress have also proved to make vaccines more effective and may even protect against certain types of cancer.

Also, according to, studies have shown “Small amounts of stress hormones can sharpen your memory.” Researchers at the University of Buffalo noted that rats that were forced to swim an activity which causes them stress-remembered their way through mazes better than rats that were relaxed.

Apart from some of the medical benefits of stress, it also motivates people to act. Stress causes people to behave in a manner similar to when they are under pressure, and when people are under pressure, they are more apt to act. Students who are stressed and feel under pressure are more likely to get started on the schoolwork that has been piling up for weeks, and workers in a professional setting who are stressed are more likely to make a schedule and outline everything which needs to be done and by what date and time the task needs to be done.

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What the 2012 State of the Union Address Means for Students

beckCollege just may become more affordable and less of a hassle for graduate students concerned with paying back their loans. For those who watched President Obama's State of the Union Address last Tuesday, Obama proposed a number of ideas that could help college students breathe easier. He said that he intends to find ways to extend tuition tax credit, keep student interest rates from rising, and keep tuition down. However, while the ideas may seem attainable, they were only suggestions and ideas with no specific plans to carry them through.
Dr. Michael Phillips-Anderson, an Assistant Professor of Applied Communication, expressed concern over how Obama's plan for the economy may affect future University graduates. "There really isn't that much the President can do to affect the economy. Interest rates are at historic lows, but businesses aren't borrowing. The President did not call for large scale stimulus spending which is what economists like Paul Krugman have argued is
the fastest way to get the economy growing," Phillips-Anderson said. In regards to interest rates on student loans, Obama highlighted that they are set to double in July unless Congress acts against it.

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Grad Student Recounts Chaos Aboard the Costa Concordia

It was a trip meant to be the memory of a lifetime, but not the way most people thought it would be. On January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia, the largest Italian cruise ship in history, was five days into its Mediterranean cruise when the vessel struck a rock off the island of Giglio. A passenger aboard the Costa Concordia, University graduate student Addie King, 26, recalls her blissful vacationturned- tragedy as pure "pandemonium."
King and her husband, Michael Stoll, began their trip in Barcelona, Spain to visit King's sister. They descended onto the cruise (her first) January 9, unaware of the adventure that awaited them. They had stopped at different ports, including Sicily and Rome.
According to telegraph., the timeline of the night's events occurred as follows. The granite outcrop had torn a massive hole in its hull at 9:42 pm, when the married couple was enjoying their dinner on the second-floor dining room of the Costa Concordia. The captain allegedly went off-course in the cruise, taking the ship closer to shore than usual. With the hull opened up, water began pouring into the bottom of the ship. Instantly, silverware, plates and glasses began flying off the tables. Lights immediately went out, and came back on. "And things started to tilt," King remembers.

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Google+ is the New Facebook

Google+The first day Google+ opened to the public in early September of last year, I was quick to make an account. After getting tired of all the undesirable changes to Facebook and the long list of “friends” that I haven’t spoken to since high school, you could say I was ready to break out and start over.

It was easy to start my Google+ account. All I had to do was type in my Gmail e-mail account name and password and I was on my way to my first +1. A couple hours and a TV dinner later, I had established a few circles (Google+ groups for people you follow), and my Google+ account was officially active.

Google+ is an innovative social media platform that resembles a mixture of both Twitter and Facebook. The executives at Google give its users the tools to have people follow you, for example my old high school friends, without requiring me to follow them back. This unique tool allows users to follow celebrities and comment on their posts without having to actually be their “friend.”

Google+ also gives the user the opportunity to filter and edit posts easily without any significant character limit. Being able to filter and edit posts makes privacy an easier aspect to reach in the social media world. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have complicated privacy settings that can just be plain frustrating.

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Bye Bye Polar Bears

polarbearThe first day of February has finally arrived. Instead of everyone putting on their winter coats before heading out, they are grabbing their sunglasses and slipping on their sandals.

There is something wrong with this picture, but it’s reality. This is all because of a little something called global warming.

While most people think this is a hoax that someone started just to get the world in a frenzy of spending tons of money on “going green,” I believe that it is true. If someone else would like to explain the snowstorm in October and the summer weather in February, feel free. Until then, I am sticking with global warming.

Many people have heard the term before but not everyone knows what it means. Global warming is literally exactly what it sounds like, the warming of the planet. It is a result of the “greenhouse effect.” According to, the “greenhouse effect” is gases that let light in but keep heat from escaping, kind of like the walls of a greenhouse.

There are several different things that cause global warming. Coal burning power plants and cars are the largest sources. According to, the US is the largest source for carbon dioxide pollution.

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Reality TV is Not Going Anywhere

toddlers and tiarasI am so sick of reality TV, and I know I’m not the only one. It all started with “The Real World,” which had a great concept of a new kind of show for the typical MTV viewer.

We had never before seen a show in which people voluntarily had their lives taped for national viewing, but nevertheless, “The Real World” was a hit.

We have seriously come a long way from those seven strangers who were picked to live in a house and have their lives taped.

Reality television, it’s safe to say, has become a cringe worthy obsession of our generation and even our society as a whole.

Wonder what it’s like to be a hoarder, to live in clutter and filth with nothing to look forward to except the next item to add to the collection?

Look no further than TLC, “The Learning Channel.” It will teach you a thing or two. Take an in-depth look into the lives of unstable people who don’t know how to let go of something as simple as an empty picture frame, because they have developed some sort of emotional relationship, with not even the picture inside, but the frame itself. If you wondered what it was like to let “things” take over your home and life, “Hoarding: Buried Alive” can show you exactly what it’s like.

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That Awkward Moment When... Your Boyfriend Leaves You to be Eaten by Jaws

My hands glide through the water as I pretend to not clumsily paddle deeper into the ocean.

The foam surfboard is underneath me, the sun beaming high above me, and my boyfriend’s glistening in sweat and salt water a couple feet beside me.

My bikini has never looked so good against my smooth tan skin.

I sit up straddling my board and look back towards shore.

It’s the most perfect day a girl could ask for.

I gaze at my boyfriend as he paddles to catch a wave; his arms outstretched showcasing his hardworking muscles.

His wet hair whips back as he jumps up on the board and rides effortlessly to shore.

I’m immediately thrown into a daydream where I’m a helpless city girl visiting the beach who gets swept away. My boyfriend must swim after me, his arms paddling viciously against the cruel ocean.

Wave after wave crashes over me as time dwindles on his life saving mission.

He finally reaches me, his hands strongly taking hold of my weak body. “I’ve got you,” he whispers in my ear as he guides me back to land.

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diversityIn lieu of Black History Month, the topic of diversity is more aware among the students.

This time of the year, I usually sit back and reflect on the diversity at the University.

I am sure you remember orientation, when it was stressed that the University has a diverse campus.

Diversity here has been one of the University’s selling points in the last 10 years.

Unfortunately, many students look at the university’s claim of diversity as a ploy for enrollment.

Students laugh at the thought of campus being incredibly diverse, but despite popular belief, I disagree.

According to, diversity is the state or quality of being different or varied. Wait, what? Diversity isn’t just the differences between races?

The common misconception is that diversity is only the difference in peoples’ race.

This is where some students are extremely naive.

Not only does diversity account for differences in race and ethnicity, it can account for a slew of other traits in a person.

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Music and Your Mood

Music has power to alter the moods of all those who come to hear it. In the past, some types of music have had the ability to start riots, while other kinds can promote peace. Some tunes can make someone fall in love, while other songs can encourage hate.

Does music have some mind-altering power? I absolutely think so.

Since the spirit of music is so influential, it is vital to deliberate what style of music is appropriate in specific situations.

First step in judging what music is most proper is to consider all types of music. There is a time and place that fits all music whether it’s rock and roll, rap, hip-hop, soul, R&B, electronic, or soft instrumental Jazz!

The second step is to scan the area in which the music is going to be played.

The atmosphere in the room should somehow reflect the music playing. After attending many music festivals, I have seen this phenomenon first hand.

While hopping from shows to see a variety of different bands, I have seen how the music can change an attitude in a heartbeat.

Music can influence people into having a good time or do the very opposite.

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In Sports We Trust?

default article imageThe 2011 NFL season has been overflowing with “Tebowmania.” The unorthodox quarterback of the Denver Broncos has pulled off miracle wins throughout the course of the season and he has not sheltered his religious beliefs from the media. In press conferences he’s sure to thank “the Lord” for each win and he has become famous for getting down on one knee during games and praying to God.

He has been praised about being a great role model for kids. Many people love the idea of having a “good Christian boy” that several people through the world can look up to.

This has sparked an issue that has not been present in the media for quite some time. It is the idea of the role of religion in sports and whether or not it belongs there.

First off, Tim Tebow is not the first athlete to make his religious beliefs known. For example, pitchers in baseball have been seen giving themselves the sign of the cross before they step on the mound and when batters hit a home run, how many times have you see that athlete touch home and point up to the sky? Basically, these religious gestures are something that occur all the time.

So if they occur all of the time then why has Tebow taken the world by the storm? The answer is simple. He always talks about his beliefs in God and has been one of the most if not the most outspoken professional athletes in regards to religion.

Everyone was made aware of his religious beliefs back when he was playing for the University of Florida. Our University has its own take on combining religion and sports. 

According to Dr. Marilyn McNeil, Director of Athletics at the University, student athletes can talk about their religious beliefs if they choose to do so. Since this is not a faith based school, athletes are not required to participate in any religious ceremonies. Religion is a personal value and will continue to be personal unless the athletes willingly choose to discuss it.

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