Protein Shakes to Please your Tastebuds

Protein Shakes Please TastebudsLiving a healthy lifestyle is the best thing you could do for yourself. Especially in a world where society shames those who do not fit into the physical mold the mainstream has created. College students are highly affected by this and by the people surrounding them. Another component to striving to be healthy is just to feel better in your own skin. Some have set out to find tasty, healthy smoothies and protein shakes that everyone can enjoy. Here are some of the results that would benefit everyone!

When making these shakes, one must remember that protein powder is the key ingredient. With help from the Tasty app, you can find a few recipes that give you a high protein level but also taste great so that you can drink with ease. Sometimes protein shakes leave a chalky aftertaste or are unbearable and end up throwing them away because they are so bad. But there are ways to create your own smoothies that you will love to have for any meal!

The first shake you can attempt is a Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie. After setting up your blender, you will want to grab all of your ingredients: your choice of water, yogurt, or milk (this determines your thickness and even sweetness); chocolate protein powder; peanut butter; dark chocolate cocoa powder, and two frozen bananas. For this, you will want to have sliced the bananas and placed them into the freezer for at least an hour before beginning.

After choosing between water, yogurt, and milk (a lot of people prefer using yogurt because it adds protein and makes it smooth, but again, totally up to you!), you want to measure out 1.5 cups and put it into the blender. Next, you want to place one scoop of the chocolate protein powder into your blender (Premier Protein is an example of a good brand). For the peanut butter, you should measure ¼ of a cup. The dark chocolate cocoa powder should be added to the blender after measuring out one tablespoon worth. Lastly, add two frozen bananas. Once everything is in, place the lid on top of the blender and blend so all ingredients are mixed. Poor into a cup and enjoy!

The second at home protein smoothie you can make is called the Tropical Green Protein Smoothie. Yes, it does involve some spinach, but do NOT freak out, you cannot even taste it! The ingredients you will need are coconut milk (coconut yogurt can be used for a thicker smoothie), fresh spinach, vanilla protein powder, a frozen mango, and some frozen pineapple. Slice the mango and place it into the freezer along with a cup and a half of diced pineapple. After an hour, add it to the blender. Next, you will need to add 1.5 cups of coconut milk, or coconut yogurt. After that, place a cup of spinach into your blender. Following that, a single scoop of protein powder will be needed. Blend all of the yummy ingredients and let your taste buds go on vacation.

The last recipe that is super delicious is named the Vanilla Berry Protein Smoothie. With this you should make sure to buy your choice of water, yogurt, or milk of your choice, vanilla protein powder, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, and frozen blackberries.

For the first ingredient on the list, choose which one to use and measure out 1.5 cups worth. Then, enter a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Finally, the frozen fruit, which should have sat in the freezer for about an hour before making. Both the strawberries and the blueberries should measure out to be about 1 cup while the raspberries and blackberries should be about ½ a cup. These are flexible with whatever you choose to be the main flavors, so playing around with the recipe is acceptable. Once everything is in the blender, blend and drink.

The last option is premade shakes. Since making these smoothies at home can take time, it is sometimes easier to just have a premade one to grab on the go. Placing them in the fridge at least overnight and having them for a quick breakfast can keep you full all day and even make you feel better, especially if you have to skip a meal due to time. Sometimes, they do have a slight chalky aftertaste, but compared to most they are delicious.

A lot of students have used protein shakes before. Freshman health studies student Cameron Oakley recently got into a healthy pattern. She is a vegetarian and said, “When working out shakes are a great way to keep my energy up!”

 Freshman health studies student Shannon McGorty agrees with Cameron’s idea of energy gain from protein smoothies. She said, “Before college I was a swimmer for my high school’s team and found that drinking protein shakes allowed me to keep her energy up. Also, since I had a cray schedule, I usually used the premade shakes. It was a great way to make sure I supplemented a meal if I had to”

Department Chair and associate professor in health studies Chris A Hirschler Ph.D. was also able to give his opinion on protein shakes. Hirschler said, “While I have had protein shakes in the past, I now recognize that they’re not necessary for me or anyone who is eating a balanced, plant-based whole foods diet. I have been vegan for nearly 20 years, and I have not used protein supplements, and I am fit. My strength hasn’t suffered at all – I still bench 225 ten or more reps and curl 80 pounds 20 reps, for example.” Though these are conflicting ideas, it is clear that you should only use these types of drinks if it is necessary in your diet.

In the end, it is obvious that if you are or ever want to become serious about your health, protein shakes are something that you should consider. They give you energy and are a great way to supplement for a meal if it has to be done. Although they have their benefits, make sure that before you begin drinking such smoothies that you map out your diet plan beforehand and maybe even talk to a nutritionist or your doctor.

Having too much protein can be harmful, and you do not want to have negative effects. In the dining hall, there is a nutritionist that visits every so often and then, if you see her, stop by the table and ask her questions, she is more than happy to help! Hopefully these recipes help you get past the mindset of protein shakes being gross and help you embrace them instead. Using apps such as Tasty will give you even more ideas. Have fun and drink your protein!

PHOTO TAKEN by Alexandria Afanador