Best Food Thanksgiving 2017

Best Foods for this Thanksgiving Season

October has officially come to a close. Our focus begins to shift once we toss out all the extra Halloween candy. Stores have already begun decorating their shelves with gifts, vibrant lights, and counterfeit snow. Christmas season is officially here. This tradition of skipping over one of the most important holidays is nothing new, but still rather appalling.

To skim over a whole holiday, one that celebrates gratitude (as well as food) is a flawed tradition. Rather than use Thanksgiving as a segue to Christmas, we should experience Thanksgiving in all of its turkey induced glory.

That’s why, to make it easier for you, we at The Outlook have already compiled a list for you of the top five foods to have on your table for Thanksgiving.

When interviewing students as to what their favorite dish is to have at the table, the winner was clear: turkey. “It’s one of the main courses for Thanksgiving; without turkey, is it really thanksgiving?” said junior communications student Jordan Smith.

Junior business student Robert Disko went on to emphasize the importance of turkey. He said, “It’s just dinner; without turkey Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving.” The second central food to a great Thanksgiving dinner is mashed potatoes. “Mashed potatoes compliments turkey. They go great together.” Junior business major Max Sobrano commented.

Likewise, Smith was in agreement: “Mashed potatoes are great- they truly make a Thanksgiving platter.” Mashed potatoes have been a longtime staple for dinners, and they complement the overall platter nicely. Breaking the typical tradition of turkey and mashed potatoes is refreshing.

Scott Jeffrey, associate professor in management and decision sciences prefers lamb over the common turkey. “I’m not a big fan of turkey… I’d prefer a leg of lamb.” Conversely, pot roast is another great lamb recipe to have at the table. While the dinner courses are great, the true beauty behind Thanksgiving is in the desserts. At the pinnacle of Thanksgiving deserts lies the apple pie. A classic Thanksgiving treat on par with the turkey in certain respects. Suggestions to compliment pie include; ice cream, apple cider, and sugar donuts.

Continuing the tradition of breaking trends, junior marketing student Grace Springer takes a refreshing and healthy approach to her Thanksgiving desert. “Oftentimes Thanksgiving deserts are unhealthy; banana bread can be a healthy alternative to break the trend,” she said.

Springer often uses banana bread as a healthy alternative in her desert venue. Thanksgiving is a central holiday and should be enjoyed. Turkey, potatoes, banana breads, and so on. Break the tradition of skimming over Thanksgiving; go out and enjoy Thanksgiving and all of the amazing food it provides.