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Back and Better Than Ever

Back and Better 1Everyone has experienced procrastination before, and everyone knows that it is not a good feeling. Coming back into the spring semester with a long break off is something that might be hard because you’re still in vacation mode! How can you get your motivation up for the beginning of the semester? There are many tips you can use to help yourself to get back into the swing of things.

The first tip that is so simple, but so helpful is to keep yourself organized. Being organized can be something as easy as writing out lists of your goals. Doing this will make you more likely to complete them. An organizational system is also a great way to keep track of assignments and due dates. Whether it be a planner or Post It notes scattered everywhere, having due dates written down makes it a lot easier to remember them. Another simple way to keep yourself motivated is to surround yourself with other people that are! Find friends and peers that will study with you and encourage you to complete assignments on time. When talking with junior Marketing student Calie Valore, she said, “I was brought up learning how to balance friends and school and that really helped me throughout college.”

Besides studying, making time for friends is so important even if you are stressed because it can keep you grounded, social, and be a distraction when you need it. Other people in your life that can help encourage you to strive for greatness is your family. Sophomore education student Brandon Hilf says, “My parents push me to do my best and I use that as my motivation because I want to make them proud.”

Although it is good to motivate yourself, it is also beneficial to allow others to motivate you as well. Something that you hear all the time and should actually acknowledge is exercising. Not only is it important for your physical health, but also for your mental health. If you make a schedule that allows you time for going to the gym or taking a walk it can help ease stress and keep you healthy. Exercising is a great way to stimulate the brain, and if you work towards physical goals you can maintain that motivation for other aspects of your life.

Back and Better 2Another thing that may not seem as important, but is extremely beneficial, is learning when it’s okay to give yourself a break. After hours of nonstop studying, it actually helps you retain more if you step away and take a breather. One strategy is to take a break every hour for ten minutes.

Adjunct professor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures Miriam Arminio starts her semesters with being kind to her students because “kindness goes a long way”, she wants her students to know they are appreciated and validated. She said, “I believe students will get back into the swing of the semester if they slow down, breathe and display kindness to others and most importantly to themselves.”

This is simple and great advice that someone can give to college students. The end goal is getting through the semester with grades you are proud of, so keep yourself motivated in any way possible. The cold weather can leave us all with excuses to not want to get out of bed or be productive, but spring will soon be in sight.

An important thing to remember is to be flexible; not everything is perfect and things change, but you cannot let this derail you. If you find yourself struggling with things, remember, it is okay to ask for help- we all do it. Look at the big picture and realize that the end of the semester will arrive eventually and summer will be upon us. But for now, keep yourself healthy, happy, and motivated. Give it your all, and best of luck with the semester!


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