Good Eats Near Monmouth

Monmouth Good EatsSometimes, we all need a change of pace when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although the student center and dining hall offer various food, it’s nice to explore the area around our school for a bite to eat.

Going out to eat with friends gives us the opportunity to take a break from our stressful studies. After all, exploring new places is a part of the student experience.

Many students can agree that food is one of the most important aspects of their lifestyle. Finding a good place to eat around campus is important to junior English student, Autumn Fulgenzi. “There’s this really good restaurant called Amy’s on Ocean Avenue,” she said. “The portions are huge, but everything is reasonably priced, and you get your money’s worth for what you get… they call it an Omelette House, but they have burgers, wraps, and salads, and they have options for dinner as well.”

Grab your roommate and take a short five-minute drive to Amy’s Omelette House; or, if you’re a commuter, stop by with a group of friends before you head home for the day.

Junior health studies student Daniel Schwartzstein commutes to Monmouth and is familiar with quite a few restaurants in the area. “Firebirds is pretty good, as well as McLoone’s in pier village and Turning Point for breakfast,” he shared. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, located in the Monmouth Mall, is perfect for when you’re craving more upscale meals such as steak and seafood.

Meanwhile, McLoone’s Pier House on Ocean Avenue is great for when you need a break from your studies. The relaxing atmosphere gives you a breathtaking view of the ocean; if you love the beach, then this is the restaurant for you.

When it comes to the most important meal of the day, Turning Point is one of the best options. Located in Pier Village as well, the mixture of coffee, bacon, French toast, and omelets creates a delightful aroma that meets you right at the door.

Other than Firebirds, there are a variety of restaurant chains attached to the Monmouth Mall for when you’re finished shopping and craving a bite to eat. Only a ten-minute drive from the university, you can satisfy your hunger with Buffalo Wild Wings, Bobby’s Burger Palace, Ruby Tuesday, or TGI Fridays, to name a few.

Assistant professor of mathematics, Dr. Laura Turner, shared some thoughts on the restaurants near campus. She wrote, “I have been to Brennan’s and enjoyed that (they have good sandwiches). When I do go out, it tends to be a bit further away; one of my favorites is Bamboo Leaf in Bradley Beach, which is a bit of a drive.” Located fifteen minutes away from the university, Bamboo Leaf offers Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, a great alternative from the food we’re used to eating on campus.

Aside from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are plenty of places for dessert in the West Long Branch area, as well. Located further down from McLoone’s and Turning Point on Ocean Avenue, Strollo’s Lighthouse offers sweet treats such as ice cream, milkshakes, and Italian ice. Although it’s closed for the season, it’s a great place to visit when the weather gets warmer.

Take advantage of our university’s location and enjoy the many options we have in the vicinity.

Next time you’re deciding on what to eat here on campus, consider taking a short drive to get a taste of what foods Long Branch has to offer. All of these restaurants are ideal for taking your significant other on a date, celebrating your birthday with your closest friends, or simply just enjoying a Friday night.