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Spring Into Fresh Food

Spring is here, and with it has come the peak of freshness for many fruits and vegetables. With summer on the horizon, now is a particularly great time for students to start thinking healthier when it comes to their diets. However, with popular dining establishments such as Nelly’s and Jr.’s Burgers open until the wee hours of the morning seven days a week, it can be especially hard to tame those bad eating habits so often associated with a college lifestyle.

New York Fashion

New York Fashion Week Previews Upcoming Styles

Each year the city that never sleeps welcomes designers from all over the world to display their newest collections over the course of eight days. The event becomes a top priority for celebrities, merchants and consumers alike everywhere. This glamorous event is New York Fashion Week, and students at the University can rest assured that they will be seeing its effects shortly.


Keeping Cool in the Cold

With another semester approaching its close so quickly here at the University, it can be hard to believe that we are already in the month of December. Many times students can even still walk to class without a jacket. However, it is inevitable that the time will come where students must pack up the flip-flops and tank tops and bundle up for the windy, rainy, and possibly snowy days that lay ahead.

Student Internship

Prepare for Graduation With a Student Internship

With the fall semester almost over, many seniors are beginning to fill out one of two types of applications: graduate school or employment. The thought of either one can be scary. For those looking to attend graduate school, emotions not felt in years are likely to return. We meet again with the fear and anticipation of rejection. However, for the majority nothing is probably more frightening than the idea of beginning the interview process for post-college jobs. “I think interviewing is probably the hardest part of applying for a job, and once you get that over with, everything becomes easier,” said Kim Rookwood, a senior.

Shopping Guide

Look Good, Feel Good: A Local Shopping Guide

With fashion trends constantly changing it can be hard to keep up as a busy college student. Whether you are in need of something to wear out to local bars such as the Draft House or Jack’s on Brighton Avenue, an upscale outfit for a night out at the Avenue in Pier Village, or a basic ensemble to throw on for class, there are several boutiques and shopping centers in the surrounding area that accommodate for all.