New York Fashion

New York Fashion Week Previews Upcoming Styles

Each year the city that never sleeps welcomes designers from all over the world to display their newest collections over the course of eight days. The event becomes a top priority for celebrities, merchants and consumers alike everywhere. This glamorous event is New York Fashion Week, and students at the University can rest assured that they will be seeing its effects shortly.

The Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week boasted designers such as Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Nicole Miller and more than 200 others. Each of these collections have a theme may it be colors, design or overall feel. These themes are the basis by which many style forecasters predict the trends of this upcoming fall and winter.

So what styles should we expect to see around the University next semester? “Sleek minimalist tailoring, Asian influences, black-and-white graphic schemes, and bright color-blocking” were amongst some of the biggest trends seen across the board says Fashion Critic Booth Moore in an LA Times article titled New York Fashion Week: Trends In Women’s Wear.

Senior Amy Rodriguez, who is interested in fashion, watched clips of several shows on the Internet and has been following press articles over the past month about the presentations. “One thing I noticed to be consistent throughout many designers is the color orange. Many prints patterns and fabrics used in the cases are orange or shades or red-orange. I think we can expect to see a lot of this around campus next fall,” she says.

Another trend that can be expected for the upcoming fall semester here at the University is going green in fashion. And no, we are not talking about the color.

Many designers of New York’s Fashion Week decided to go green with their use of recycled fabrics and materials. Over 20 designers incorporated environmentally friendly products into their collections, according to Ecouttere, a couture based fashion blog that focuses on designers who try to go green.

“I’m a very environmentally conscious person,” says senior Jessica Sinai. “I was excited to hear that many fashion designers have decided to start going green. I hope that we see more of that here at the University whether it be at the University Store or just what students decide to buy in general,” she adds.

Critic Moore also says some must have items are “statement pants in a colorful jacquard or print… a pair of pumps, a shift dress or a pencil skirt… and a fun swing coat or fur accessory in an eye-catching texture and hue.”

Several students gave their feelings on what they believe they will see around campus.

Senior Laura Ledman, currently a student teacher says, “I am graduating this May and I will soon be an elementary education teacher. I enjoy reading up on fashion week especially because I will be buying a new wardrobe for work wear next fall.”

Junior Jessica Gordon is excited to see more bold colors and patterns in stores. “I love color blocking and prints. I was happy to hear that a lot of designers are heading in that direction. Hopefully the trend will carry into stores around here,” she says.

Overall, the Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week has given a great insight towards what many students may find in common amongst their clothing choices next semester. Bright colors, lots of orange and black and white graphics are likely to start flooding campus when September rolls around.

Only time will tell if these trends will reach the University, but it seems that many students are excited to welcome them.