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Fresh Faces are in Bloom: Spring Make-Up Trends

Spring is here and April’s showers are about to wash away the trends of winter. Red lips, smoky eyes and pale complexions that were seen throughout the University last semester will be present no more. Make-up, like fashion, is an always-changing industry. Colors, textures, tones and hues vary by the season and with what is “in” constantly changing it can be hard to keep up.

However, there is no need to worry; experts are saying that this season will leave ladies everywhere leaping into new, fresh looks that are easy to apply and fun to wear.

According to Ladies Home Journal, an online beauty blog, make-up artist Bobbi Brown is identifying natural lips, a sun-kissed face and shimmery eyes as his top picks for this spring. “The look for spring is pretty, and my favorite way to get it is with a hint of pink somewhere on the face. During New York Fashion Week, all the designers… wanted pink. We made it fresh by playing with textures from creamy to sheer and shimmery,” says Brown.

Senior Michelle Poterala is a sales associate at AveYou Beauty Boutique on Norwood Avenue in Deal. She agrees that a popular trend for make-up this spring is dewy, glowing skin. “You can achieve this look with a highlighter and blend along the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. In addition, rosebud color lips are nice for spring because it’s natural and flattering on just about anyone. It goes nice with a similar colored blush,” she suggests.

Poterala adds that many runways and magazines are incorporating cat eyes with bright blue, gray and green shadows this season. “Typically, a cat eye works best with a nude lip and not much face make-up, so the eyes are the main focus. If you don’t have a steady hand with liquid liner, Smashbox Cosmetics makes an easyto- use liquid marker pen,” she recommends.

Several students at the University are happy to hear that these trends are going to be popular. Senior Laura Ledman says, “I always love when spring rolls around and the make-up styles change. It is a much simpler time of year in regards to make-up. No need for foundations and bronzers when you are so close to the beach— that ‘sun kissed’ natural glow is easy and free!”

Senior and make-up enthusiast Amy Rodriguez is excited to hear that cat eyes will return. “I have so many eye shadow colors and types of eye liners—I absolutely love liquid! This spring I am looking forward to sporting the cat eye effect with fun shadow colors. These types of trends are especially great for living at the beach because liquid liners always seem to smudge much less than most pencils,” she says.

Choices in nail polish are surely about to change as well. Maroons, burgundies, navies and deep purples are in no more. Spring will be welcoming soft colors such as pastels and creams. These colors are ideal for this time of year because they will stand out most on tan skin.

Additional color choices becoming increasingly popular are neon and electric shades. Since events such as Dayglow and Barstool Blackout Tour, neon and other bright colors have developed into an increasingly popular color pallet amongst college students. These bold fashion trends are likely to continue to be seen throughout the spring and surely into summer.

So embrace the changes that this spring season will bring. These easyto- wear looks are quick to apply and will leave you feeling confident and beautiful inside and out.