Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It is around that time of the year where we are encouraged to celebrate love and friendship! Valentine’s Day is coming up, which is a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation for not only your significant other, but for your friends and family.

Each year, many people struggle to come up with new and special activities to do with their friends or partners to express their love. For many, Valentine’s Day is a time for big gestures to treat your loved ones.

One idea for those who want to do something extravagant and celebrate Valentine’s Day with a bang is to go on a romantic cruise, such as Classic Harbor Line in New York City. On this luxury yacht, you get to dine in style while taking in the views of the Manhattan skyline. This is a perfect date idea if you want to keep it classy and dress up for a nice night out.

One of the most beautiful places around this time of year is New York City. A great activity to do with your significant other on Valentine’s Day is to see a musical or a play on Broadway. Or, as a cheaper alternative, you can look for performances at a local theater, which often feature stellar performances with cheaper ticket options. After seeing the show, you can go for dinner and dessert to finish the night.

Money can be an issue for many people, but the most important part of Valentine’s Day is to show your love for someone. That doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive, or even involve spending money at all.

You don’t need to do something exorbitant to show someone you love them. There are plenty of ways to express your appreciation without breaking the bank.

A great (and free) idea is to take a stroll through a park. Central Park is known for its beautiful bow bridge and glimmering lights around this time of year, making it perfect for romantic walks. Just being in each other’s company can show someone that you care and want to spend time with them.

Many people don’t have a lot of time to schedule big activities into their week, or they just prefer something more laid back for Valentine’s Day. Another great idea is breakfast in bed. What better way to wake up your loved one than with a delicious breakfast to start the day off right? This is a simple way to show someone how much you care while still accommodating you and your loved one’s schedules.

Ariana Connelly, a junior psychology student, voiced her thoughts about this idea, saying “I like actively working together to make breakfast with my partner on Valentine’s Day to spend more time with him.”

Another fun activity for this special day that still allows you to stay in is to cook dinner together. You could even search for some tasty Valentine’s Day-themed recipes! Afterwards, you can enjoy your meals while watching your favorite movies together. It is the perfect way to incorporate some fun and make the day special while also staying in with your loved ones.

Junior marine and environmental biology and policy student, Einat Shayer, added, “I love staying in to watch rom-coms with my friends and making fun Valentine’s Day-inspired foods and drinks to celebrate the season.”

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day to celebrate love with a significant other, but you can also do any of these fun date ideas with friends and family if you’re flying solo this year! It is important to show your love for the important people in your life no matter the day, but Valentine’s Day is a perfect way to showcase it by doing something a little extra for your loved ones.

It can be stressful to come up with something special, fun, and memorable, but remember to enjoy it and just have fun this Valentine’s Day with those you love!