Autumnal Activities

A world of vivid colors, calming scents, and delicious flavors opens up to embrace us as the warmth of summer gives way to the crisp, energizing air of fall. This time of year encourages us to participate in a wide range of events that highlight the distinct beauty that fall, a season of transition and […]

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How to Make Friends in College

A person’s life can greatly change during their time in college. It’s a period of academic development, personal discovery, and, for many, the chance to make connections that will last a lifetime. College is more than just academics; it’s a rare opportunity to forge lasting friendships that can shape your future. It’s a time when […]


Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It is around that time of the year where we are encouraged to celebrate love and friendship! Valentine’s Day is coming up, which is a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation for not only your significant other, but for your friends and family. Each year, many people struggle to come up with new […]


Social Media and Its Toxicity

Social media has become overwhelmingly popular in today’s technology-driven society. Knowing how popular social media is among college students, I’m confident that many of us have an Instagram account and actively use it. Those who do use it may scroll through Instagram on a daily basis and make it part of our daily routine without […]