Is the 2000s Grunge EraMaking its Way Back?

There are always new trends surfacing the internet that take of over social media and our daily lives. We have seen the 2000s pop culture of low-waisted pants, big hoop earrings, and feathers make a comeback, but now we are turning towards a different direction.

The new aesthetic that floods our social media apps is the minimalist “clean” vibe. Of course, the trend’s “theme” is in the name, but it starts off with a lack of an extensive color palette. The colors tend to be all neutral with a lot of white. When it comes to fashion, we wear jeans with a white shirt and white sneakers, and people go crazy for them.

Although it may seem “basic” or “boring,” its simplicity is very appealing to the eyes. Slicked back hair and gold jewelry seem to be the most common look with the “clean girl” vibe.

The most influential celebrity that plays a huge role in this trend is the one who showed us the slick back buns, the bubble bath and funny bunny-colored nails: Hailey Bieber.

Hailey Bieber has been classified as a lower-ranking celebrity since growing up in the 2000s. Although it seems after she has been married to her husband, Justin Bieber, she has received more fame, especially for her fashion sense. The clean girl aesthetic started off solely on TikTok and then moved more to Instagram when minimalistic Instagram posts started going viral.

This aesthetic is personally one of my favorites because it is very laid-back, but I feel we all truly miss the 2000s grunge and messy era. If that is true, there is great news. The 2000s smokey eye, cheetah print, hot pink, and teased hair are coming back. It is slowly creeping back up as we see some getting bored with this minimalistic aesthetic.

The most influential celebrity here would be the very iconic Avril Lavigne. Known for her hit songs “Complicated,” “Girlfriend,” and “Sk8r Boi,” Lavigne’s fashion in the 2000s consisted of dark eyeliner, low-waisted camo pants, and T-shirts combined with a loose-fitting tie. Lavigne has always had a grunge look, which is a prime example of what we most definitely will see in the next few months.

The movie that has been the talk of the summer has been Elvis. While watching this movie, we see the rockstar grunge look of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, his wife at the time. The most iconic couple during this time is also the most influential during our time here in 2022. Looks like these never go out of style, and this movie shows us how once there is a trend, even if it disappears for a while, it will always come back.
As Halloween approaches, TikTok’s algorithm seems to be giving everyone costume ideas. One of the most popular ones that we see is based on Elvis. Priscilla Presley’s style has become an iconic costume for anyone who is in love with sparkly dresses, hair poofs, and dramatic black eyeliner.

Since Elvis performed mainly in Las Vegas, their vibe is extremely performance and show-based. Overall, after Halloween, the clean and minimalistic aesthetic will come to an end and the timeless 2000s grunge and rockstar vibe that we all love will make its way back.