Fall Festivities For Everyone

With summer coming to a close, we can now look forward to crisp breezes, the leaves changing colors, pumpkin flavored drinks, apple picking, and delicious pies. Yes—in all areas of life, fall is approaching. 

Even if fall is not your favorite time of year, there are so many ways to make the seasonal experience more enjoyable. Venturing out for fun activities such as apple and pumpkin picking, is an enjoyable way to spend a nice fall day with friends or family. There is such a wide range of spots for pumpkin and apple picking no matter where you are in New Jersey. 

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Apple and pumpkin picking could get boring,” there are  many other autumnal attractions in New Jersey  to get you into the fall spirit! Near the University is A Casola Farms, a local historical institution, located on 178 NJ-34 in Holmdel. This location has a petting zoo, hayrides, a corn maze, and a haunted house.  

According to their website, they, “Specialize in Agri-tainment and educational activities. We originated the first original Pick-your-own Pumpkin and Hayride farm! Nothing is more gratifying than when a parent comes with a little one and tells us they remember coming here for their pumpkin as a kid.” 

Mikeala Manarang, a junior elementary education student, said that she enjoys pumpkin picking because, “…it reminds me of childhood days and all the fun of Halloween’s past—it’s just a great way to get into the spirit.”  

After a long day of apple picking, you can keep the fun going by baking! Using your freshly picked apples to make a tart or an apple pie is a delicious fall activity that keeps the spirit going all day. You can enjoy these activities alone or with friends or family. Filling the kitchen with the delicious aroma of cinnamon and apple as you bake treats will get anyone into the fall spirit. 

If apples are not your favorite thing and you prefer pumpkins, do not worry because there are ways to utilize those too! After a long day of picking out the perfect pumpkin, using them as a fall decoration will never go out of style. 

Junior software engineering student Meghan Granit said that she looks for certain traits in the perfect pumpkin, “Well, it has got to be more on the small side for me, and a bit round, and of course it’s got to have that bright orange color!”

When you bring your pumpkin home, there are a myriad of ways to decorate them. Give your pumpkins a personality by carving out faces or painting fall designs. You can even try covering the pumpkin in glitter and shining a light on it to make a disco pumpkin. 

When you carve your pumpkin, use the seeds instead of throwing them out.  Make a yummy fall treat by cleaning off the seeds, seasoning them, and putting them in the oven. 

If leaving the house during fall is not appealing to you, bring on the fall vibes by eating your favorite pumpkin flavored treats and cozying up with the scents of fall candles. 

Bath and Body Works has a wide variety of new scented candles to make it feel like fall right in your own home. Some of these scents include Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Pumpkin Apple, White Pumpkin, and more. 

Dressing up with your friends is another timeless tradition; Trick-or-Treating and getting into costume is not an age specific activity. You’re never too old to enjoy being someone else for a night. 

Senior business management student, Katie DeMario, said that dressing up for the fall season has always been one of her priorities, “I love transforming into a character for one night and seeing everyone else’s creativity.” It’s never too early to plan out your costume and prepare for a ghoulish-good-time.