Battle of the Roosevelts: Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt was a Trust Busting Environmental Conservationist Who Helped Establish the Panama Canal

Theodore Roosevelt’s reputation as a trust buster, a major conservation figure with regards to the environment puts him in the argument as one of the best presidents. His trust busting led to monopolies being destroyed and made the American presidency a centerpiece of the morning newspapers with photos and easy interview access.


Political Showdown: What Happned to New Jersey Gov. Christie? Part 1

Bridgegate, Sandy advertising, political blackmail and a presidential candidate crumbling. This is what everyone is talking about in the state of New Jersey and around the country. This is the situation that lies in front of New Jersey Republican Governor, Chris Christie. The once GOP presidential front runner has had his political armor scratched up and dented as he defends his administration in the face of three different controversies.


Political Showdown: Is Capitalism Still Beneficial In Today’s Society? Pt.2

Affirmative – Regulated Capitalism

Capitalism is necessary to a thriving economy. Economic competition is what leads to a successful market. The three reasons why capitalism is still beneficial to society is: economic competition leads to more supply and demand, a thriving economic environment puts less people on social welfare and with a healthy capitalist society, prices can be brought down.


Political Showdown: Is Capitalism Still Beneficial In Today’s Society? Pt. 1

Negative – Socialism May Not Be Such a Bad Idea

With the deepening decline in the middle class, there needs to be a better look into the economic system that is established by our government. According to an article from The Guardian, “Selfish Capitalism is bad for our Mental Health”, “Selfish Capitalism has massively increased the wealth of the wealthy, robbing the average earner to give to the rich. There was no ‘trickle-down effect’ after all.”