Keeping Cool in the Cold

With another semester approaching its close so quickly here at the University, it can be hard to believe that we are already in the month of December. Many times students can even still walk to class without a jacket. However, it is inevitable that the time will come where students must pack up the flip-flops and tank tops and bundle up for the windy, rainy, and possibly snowy days that lay ahead.

Located in a climate that varies vastly day-to-day, it can be difficult to decide what students need here at the University in terms of a winter wardrobe. Winter clothes also tend to be bulky, which can become an issue especially in the dorms where storage and closet space is limited. Yet in spite of this, there are numerous tips students can take to make sure that they are not only warm in the winter but that they also look good while doing it.

“Layering is a great way to make use of clothes already in your closet. I usually always wear a tank or t-shirt under my sweaters for extra warmth,” said Jessie Sinai, senior. “It’s also convenient for classes in the chance that the rooms are too warm for jackets and sweaters!”

Another senior, Amy Rodriguez, said her winter must have item is her rain boots. “My biggest mistake freshman year was not bringing rain boots to school. I found out how quickly they were a necessity here within a few weeks. Once campus gets snow covered I just put on some thick socks and toss on my rain boots. They’re a life saver!”

My Colleges and Careers, a website that provides advice from professionals on colleges, careers, and degrees, also gives a list of their tips for campus dress in winter. Along with layering and boots, they recommend making sure to cover your head. “Since we lose 10 percent of our body heat by leaving our heads exposed, wear a hat, beanie, or knit uber headband to trap the heat in,” they suggest. Scarves are also mentioned as a great way to keep our necks warm and protected from the wind.

Jessica Gordon, junior, says her winter wardrobe must haves are leggings, tunics, and Ugg boots. “Uggs have been around for such a long time now that almost every girl seems to have a pair. They’re comfortable and warm, and paired with a tunic and some leggings, students can look put together and still feel season appropriate.” My Colleges and Careers also listed leggings on their top six ways to dress fashionably on campus in the winter. “While leggings all on their own may not be uber-warm, layering them underneath your jeans can give you an extra buffer against the cold,” My Colleges and Careers said.

In terms of color, trends can already be seen throughout shops and department stores. “All of the bright summer palettes are off the shelves. Everywhere I shop I’m seeing dark, warm and rich colors,” says senior Laura Ledman. Vogue magazine agrees, saying this winter’s wardrobe will be filled with jewel tones. “Amethyst, sapphire, emerald, ruby, garnet and citrine- these hues have the power to make you feel rich and sophisticated,” according

So don’t be discouraged by the thought of having to look like a marshmallow while traveling to class in the bitter winter. Through incorporating these campus necessities into your closets and taking the time to layer and accessorize, every student can look fashionable and keep warm.