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Take Advantage Before Time Runs Out

Take Advantage Before Time Runs Out“Adulting” is defined as trying to complete tasks in the real-world and being successful in achieving daily rituals of a person with responsibilities. For many seniors thinking about graduation, this concept is approaching quickly. However, there are still two months until graduation and two months to get the help in daily life that so many undergraduates are privileged to.

Being a student at Monmouth University comes with a plethora of on-campus resources to help students achieve while on campus and beyond. Upon graduation, some of the services may still be of access to alumni, but they come at a cost. Weekly events to ease the pressure of the everyday work life, assistance with written applications and engaging workout classes that add ease to any mundane gym routines, will soon come at a premium for seniors. During the final months at Monmouth, seniors should take advantage of these free resources that will soon expire.

Writing a personal statement for graduate school or a cover letter for a job application is unlike any assignment instilled in Monmouth’s courses.

Highlighting your strengths while discussing your goals and life story can be a challenging feat. Although many seniors have sought out the help of Writing Assistants for coursework, the resource is available for help beyond course content.

Director of Writing Services and supplemental instruction Neva Lozada encourages seniors to utilize the writing center for help prior to graduation. “Writing Services also serves as a resource for students as they prepare to enter the workforce or apply to graduate school. Writing Assistants are available to help seniors write personal statements, cover letters, and application essays,” she said. Regardless of whether one is pursuing a challenging career or continuing their education, some type of writing is typically incorporated in the hiring process. Lozada states, “It’s often helpful to have a second pair of eyes review these types of real-world assignments.” To take advantage of this resource, students can make an appointment on Accudemia or contact Writing Services directly.

Preparing for life beyond graduation can be accompanied with a lot of stress for soon-to-be graduates. Monmouth University also offers multiple outlets to unwind and enjoy the final semester.

Senior marketing/managing student and novelties chair for the Student Activies Board (SAB) Tianna Fougeray said, “SAB works hard each semester to plan events that are free and open to all Monmouth students. With every event, we try to provide a fun giveaway, food, vendor, interactive activity, or another incentive to give students something that they can take home with them.”

These events are offered frequently for students to engage in the campus community in a fun way, at no cost to them. For seniors who may have stopped attending events they went to early on their Monmouth days, now is a good time to take advantage of events that they do not have to pay for, prior to graduation. “Whether it’s a weekend event or an event in the middle of the school week, SAB’s goal is to give students something to look forward to on campus,” Fougeray offers. To find out more about the events left for this semester, student’s can check bulletin boards around campus, SAB’s weekly events calendar, and social media.

For those students that wish to unwind by sweating it out, the Monmouth University Recreation Center is the place for relief and opportunity. Not only does each student have access to gym facilities, but they are also encouraged to attend weekly workout classes taught by trained University student facilitators. A junior communications student and instructor of Boot Camp and Abs, Butt and Legs in the fitness center Catie Linck tells students, “The classes are designed to be for beginners, people trying to get fit or someone who wants a challenge at the gym.”

Upon graduation, students would need to pay for a gym membership at the University or other local facility in order to partake in similar classes. However, for Monmouth students these resources are open to all.

Whether you are looking to get ready for spring break or take the pressure off from your job search Linck says, “There are different types of classes for people to find what is most enjoyable for them.” The multitude of classes offered provides each student with something they are comfortable with. In order to find out about the group fitness schedule, students can check their email accounts weekly or download the Monmouth Recreation App.

Unfortunately for some, graduation is approaching quickly and the real-world will soon be upon Monmouth University’s class of 2018. Seniors can get prepared to enter life beyond Monmouth by taking advantage of the school’s resources while there is still time!

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