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Start Keeping Up With the Spring Trends

Keeping Up Spring TrendsWith the spring slowly but surely approaching, many people find that they are in need of outfits that are more appropriate for the warmer weather.  For some, this is a simple transition that they have been dying for. 

Others that are fans of the colder weather, the transition is upsetting and difficult.  No matter what side you’re on, it’s time to put away those bulky jackets and spring into the warm weather.

Henry Tran, a junior accounting student, spoke about some of his favorite outfits and ways to have more variety in the spring. “Some of my favorite outfits for the spring are flannels with basic tees underneath.  Long sleeves are always a staple,” he said.  He mainly addressed the fact that layering can still be utilized during the warm weather. 

After speaking about footwear for the spring, he said, “I find myself more in Stan Smith’s, Vans and even boat shoes.” Low-cut sneakers seem to become extremely popular when the warmer weather approaches. 

Finally, when asked if he had any advice for someone looking to update their wardrobe, he said, “Less is more.  You should really build an outfit up from the bottom.  Work with the shoes you pick and go from there.”  He also spoke on why choosing a simple outfit can be utilized more frequently.  “A solid tee provides more options than a tee with designs on it.  You can wear various flannels, jackets, and sweaters.”

Brendan Tedaldi, a junior business management student, gave his input on the topic. He stated that he is a fan of long sleeve shirts on, “Windy, but warm, spring days.”  Tedaldi explained how he is not the biggest advocate for wearing jeans and enjoys wearing shorts during the warmer weather. 

One aspect of his wardrobe that changes in almost every instance of warmer weather is wearing low-cut shoes.  He said, “I tend to wear white low-cut sneakers to really bring in a summer vibe to my outfit.”  Many people try  to dress more casual during the warm weather due to the fact that, “It’s finally time to get comfortable and enjoy the weather,” Tedaldi added.  His advice for someone looking to update their wardrobe was, “Utilize lighter colors, comfortable materials, and overall wear what fits your style and comfort the best.”

Finally, Professor of communication, Nicholas Messina, discussed clothing trends and how he dresses during the springtime.  When asked what some of his favorite spring clothing essentials are, he said, “Lightweight Oxfords, cardigans, floral prints even.”  Messina was a heavy advocate for lighter colors as well.  “I always find myself wearing solid, but lighter colors in the spring,” he said. 

He also went into detail regarding how he would dress during the spring.  “I tend to dress more formal.  There are so many choices in types of clothing.  Business casual seems to be a standard for me during the warmer weather.” 

In closing, when asked if he had any advice for a springtime shopper, Messina stated, “Don’t be afraid of color.  Find different variations of certain colors.  Patterns are also a good thing, just do not overdo it.”

One of the main messages that should be portrayed during the springtime is to wear what you feel comfortable in.  For most people, that would usually be a lighter colored t-shirt, shorts and some type of low-cut sneaker. 

With the warmer weather slowly approaching, it is time to say goodbye to the heavy parkas and gloves. The snow is finally disappearing. It is time to get ready for the sun and welcome back spring.

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